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Christian Audigier

  1. now we know
    Christian Audigier Slumbers on a Leather BoatTake a peek inside his stunningly, practically minimalist L.A. home.
  2. confused stores
    The Christian Audigier Store in Nolita May CloseThe windows have brown paper on them!
  3. gorillas with hair gel
    A Club in New Orleans Banned Jersey Shore ClothesWe’re actually glad New York didn’t think of this first.
  4. copyfights
    Marc Jacobs Sues Christian AudigierFor copyright infringement, not because his clothes are ugly.
  5. scent of a man
    Getting to Know Christian Audigier“Cologne, I can reapply a few times a day. A fresh scent is very important to me.”
  6. Michael Jackson’s Clothing Line a Very Real PossibilitySadly, Christian Audigier will probably make boatloads of money off of it.
  7. quotables
    Simon Doonan Defends Ed HardyBecause how would we measure good taste if there were no bad taste?
  8. this will scare you
    Christian Audigier and Jon Gosselin Want to Design a Kids’ Line TogetherThat’s right: Jon and Christian plus many more kids than eight.
  9. one of these things is not like the others
    Christian Audigier to Show in Paris for Spring 2010A “big celebrity” is supposed to perform.
  10. bad ideas
    Madonna’s Doing a Clothing Line With Christian AudigierTattoo-print tees and diamante-encrusted bodices are coming soon.
  11. shutterings
    Mayle Will Stay Open Longer Than We ThoughtThrough April, not February.
  12. run through
    Christian Audigier to Make ‘Couture’ Clothes With the EurythmicsThe designer and Dave Stewart are collaborating on a line called Rock Fabulous.
  13. beauty marks
    Prince Charles’s Garden-Inspired Skin-Care Line Is Sold OutAlso black women use less sunscreen than white women, Vera Wang’s got a new fragrance, and the LVMH building is quite scary.
  14. run through
    Michael Jackson to Launch Clothing LineHe’s collaborating with Christian Audigier on a line coming out this fall. Glad to see he’s been keeping busy.
  15. cult of personality
    Sarah Larson Lands a Campaign!She’ll star in Christian Audigier’s new ads, debuting later this month.
  16. cult of personality
    Fergie Loves Her Some Members Only JacketsShe’s worn them to four separate events over the past two weeks. We smell some sort of publicity deal here.