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Christine Quinn

  1. ey i’m runnin’ here
    Cynthia Nixon Is Now Selling ‘Unqualified Lesbian’ ButtonsThe gubernatorial candidate continues to lean into the insult.
  2. ey i’m runnin’ here
    What’s Going on With Cynthia Nixon and Christine Quinn?The former City Council speaker and one-time mayoral candidate called Nixon an “unqualified lesbian.”
  3. double binds
    Christine Quinn Couldn’t Ignore GenderIt’s a trap.
  4. quotables
    Christine Quinn’s Last-Ditch xoJane Tell-all A day in the life. 
  5. getting hollered at
    Tattle on Cat Callers With New App HollabackDoes that make it better?
  6. quotables
    Susan Sarandon Supports Bill de Blasio, Not VaginaThe public advocate finds supporters among Christine Quinn’s natural bases: women and lesbians.
  7. new friends
    Quinn Stumps Outside a Crisis Pregnancy CenterAnd reproductive-health advocate Sandra Fluke joins her.
  8. weddings!
    Christine Quinn and Khloe Kardashian Almost Shared a Wedding Dress“I was devastated because that was my dress!”
  9. body politic
    On Christine Quinn: Must We (All) Talk About Our Eating Disorders?Though rampant, eating disorders are still a source of embarrassment among powerful women.
  10. potty mouths
    I F*cking Love Christine Quinn’s Foul MouthIn praise of “opening up the bitch tap” and “cutting balls off.”
  11. Joke On About Christine Quinn’s Cover Look, ‘It’s Not Sexist at All’P.S. She’s glad she’s a woman.
  12. quotables
    The New Yorker Notes Christine Quinn Wears Cheap ShoesShe left the price tag on one.
  13. wal-wars
    Wal-Mart Will Invade Brooklyn Come Hell, High Water, or Lack of Parking Lot SpaceThey’re trying to open a store in Brooklyn.