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Christmas Trees

  1. culture
    Ariana Grande’s Upside-Down Christmas Tree Is a Metaphor for 2018“Sometimes life just be upside-down,” she said.
  2. reading the signs
    Searching for Meaning in Melania Trump’s Red Christmas TreesWhy are we so haunted by them?
  3. hot shot
    Here’s Melania Trump Gazing Upon the White House Christmas Tree in WonderWhat is it thinking?
  4. portraits of privilege
    Okay This Is Just Way Too Many PresentsYou don’t need that many presents!
  5. saving trees
    Heidi Klum Has Five Christmas Trees Too ManyMistaking her trees for a forest.
  6. posh knows best
    Of Course Victoria Beckham Has a Pink Christmas TreeBecause, why not?
  7. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 19 Days to Go!Tree-trimming in eveningwear. 
  8. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 20 Days to Go!No tree? Just decorate your hair!