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Chronic Pain

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    Why Aren’t More of Us Talking About Slipping Rib Syndrome?“This is probably one of the most underdiagnosed conditions people have,” one doctor says.
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    I Was Diagnosed With MS After Doctors Ignored Me for 13 YearsIt took me another four years to stop being angry about it.
  3. first person
    Yes, You Can Have Pelvic-Floor Issues Without Giving BirthThe condition is both shockingly widespread and maddeningly underdiscussed.
  4. sexism
    Medical Gaslighting and MeElissa Bassist laughs through mystery pain in her debut memoir, Hysterical.
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    The High Point of My Career Came With a Physical BreakdownChloe Benjamin, author of The Immortalists, on prioritizing her body over her ambition.
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    Is the Pain All in My Head?A new treatment called pain-reprocessing therapy promises to cure chronic pain — but maybe not for everyone.
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    Can Being Vigorously Rubbed With a Blunt Tool Help With Pain?Trying gua sha.
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    I Can’t Stop Thinking About This 1991 Book About PainIt’s about healing the body with the mind.
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    Women in Chronic Pain Are Often the First to Pretend They’re FinePadma Lakshmi and Jamie-Lynn Sigler on living with chronic pain.
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    How One Woman Was Able To Cope With Chronic Pain From FibromyalgiaWhat’s it like when doctors don’t believe you and you live with chronic pain.
  11. Why We Need a Better Way to Treat Chronic PainThe current method — the pain-intensity scale — may have contributed to the opioid addiction epidemic, argue some pain-perception experts.