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Cindy Mccain

  1. power
    Cindy McCain Apologizes After Falsely Accusing Woman of Child Trafficking“It was a woman of a different ethnicity than the child, this little toddler she had, and something didn’t click with me,” she initially said.
  2. hairy situations
    Top Hairdressers Baffled by Rod Blagojevich’s ManeWe are baffled that R-Blags hasn’t gotten the memo that Washington isn’t Hollywood for ugly people anymore.
  3. hairy situations
    Sarah Palin’s Hairstylist Has Been Identified!Her name is Angela, and it seems Cindy McCain turned Palin on to her!
  4. beauty marks
    Suggested Makeup Looks for Palin, Obama, and McCainAlso, Macy’s expands organic cosmetic offerings, and Chanel’s new nail color was made by a civilian.
  5. political style
    Sarah Palin Has a Secret Team of StylistsAnd they made her spend $2,500 on a Valentino jacket!
  6. party lines
    Tim Gunn: Cindy McCain Looks ‘Like She’s Duct-Taped’He says he’d feel comfortable approaching Michelle, but “with Cindy you have to be careful you’re not speared!”
  7. loose threads
    Phoebe Philo Might Be In at Celine; DKNY Does MenswearAlso Cartier sues DKNY, Viktor & Rolf will hit the Hamptons this summer, and Cindy McCain shows more cleavage.
  8. cult of personality
    Tim Gunn: Cindy McCain’s Updos Are Far Too TautTim Gunn tells ‘Time’ that Michelle Obama looks relaxed in her style, while Cindy McCain’s ponytail looks like a sorry attempt at a face-lift.
  9. loose threads
    Tom Ford Menswear Is UnstoppableSales of Tom Ford’s men’s line have exceeded projections, Pierre Bergé reveals he didn’t tell Yves Saint Laurent the designer had a brain tumor, and Michael Kors laments past menswear.
  10. party lines
    When It Comes to Style, Michelle Obama Holds Her OwnDemocrats are afraid André Leon Talley will lead Michelle Obama into fashion faux pas–dom, but it sounds like she wouldn’t let that happen.
  11. loose threads
    Nicole Miller Launches New Line; Cindy McCain Visits OscarNicole Miller’s got a new sportswear line, Cindy McCain went shopping at Oscar de la Renta, and André Leon Talley’s got a hot new piece of art.