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  1. this again
    17-Year-Old Dies During Female CircumcisionThe procedure is illegal in Egypt and was performed at a private hospital.
  2. dong watch
    Researchers Prod Men’s Junk to Address ConundrumDo circumcised men experience less sensitivity than intact men?
  3. dong watch
    Men Trying Their Darnedest to Regrow ForeskinThe tug strug is real.
  4. dong watch
    Adult Circumcision: Men, Sit This ‘Trend’ OutFashion is cyclical!
  5. regional penis
    Report: West Coast Is Chill With ForeskinCircumcision rates are plummeting on the Pacific Coast.
  6. Pediatricians Recommend Circumcision to Prevent HIV and HPV InfectionSo that we don’t all get HPV. Because we know you don’t trust that vaccine either.