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  1. fireworks
    What’s Up With All These Fireworks?Some say bored young people, others say elaborate psy-ops.
  2. rats
    And Now, an Army of RatsAs social distancing cuts off rats’ food sources, some experts say they may resort to cannibalism, rat battles, and infanticide.
  3. urbanism
    The 4 ‘Spaces’ Cities Need to Make People HappierKey ingredients to urban life.
  4. Cities Will Be the Best Answer to a Trump White HouseThey’re called “cosmopolitan for a reason.
  5. Scientists Are Tracking New York Noisiness in Order to Quiet It DownThe researchers hope their work will help pinpoint louder spots and track whether noise ordinances actually work.
  6. Milwaukee Shows What Segregation Does to American CitiesFormalized in Baltimore, spread across the country.
  7. Immigration Is Probably the Best Way to Fight CrimeReducing murders, bringing in billions of dollars.
  8. cozying up
    How Would You Pick the Coziest City? A ranking based on availability of ciders and cowl-neck sweaters? 
  9. in other cities
    Here Are Cities Where Women Earn the Most MoneyWhere should we move?