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  1. first person
    More Than Vineyards Were Lost in the California FiresLast month, I watched the place I’m from burn down.
  2. You Can Tell If Someone’s Rich or Poor by Looking at Their FaceA new study unpacks the clues we use to judge someone’s socioeconomic status.
  3. perception
    Rich People Literally See the World DifferentlyMoney shapes perception, down to the millisecond.
  4. jobs
    High-Class Hobbies Will Help You Land a Top Job, Unless You’re a WomanSailing versus track, classical versus country.
  5. class
    Two Big Lessons a Star Sociologist Learned by Studying Trump Country for 5 Years“The seriousness and reality of that discontent, it doesn’t just reduce to racism.”
  6. millennials
    The Myth of the Millennial Monolith Strikes AgainIt is making it harder for us to understand basic questions like why so few millennials are buying homes.
  7. advice
    Ask Polly: How Do I Accept Myself and Fit In?Give yourself a break.
  8. class
    Rich People and Poor People Cheat for Different ReasonsRich people are — surprise! — more selfish.
  9. true stories
    11 Couples and Singles Talk About Love and ClassWhere wealth, education, race, taste, and more intersect.
  10. education
    The Subtle Ways Classroom Layout Affects LearningAll those posters on the walls can get distracting.
  11. work
    This Chart Will Show How Respected Your Profession IsLawyers are viewed as cold, ruthlessly efficient machines, of course.