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Cleaning Up

  1. free ideas
    Cleaning Up After a Party Doesn’t Have to Be HellHere’s how to make it painless.
  2. purge or be purged
    Introducing the Purge, a Rage-Based Cleaning MethodA necessary corrective to the KonMari approach.
  3. advice
    The Best Ways to Fake a Clean HouseHow to make your home look presentable in under an hour.
  4. cleaning up
    Sorry, Germophobes: You’ve Been FooledAntibacterial soaps with this active ingredient don’t work any better than regular suds.
  5. q&a
    She Had a Cat Hair Ball in Her Vagina — or Did She?We caught up with the xoJane essayist. “Now I wish I’d taken a picture of it,” she said.
  6. so fresh so clean
    How to Keep Your White Clothes Looking FreshThe struggle against pit stains and makeup smudges is real.
  7. Are You a Workweek Slob?A scientific investigation of the way we live in the messes we make.
  8. cleaning up
    Yotam Solomon Designed a BP Oil Spill–Inspired CollectionThe proceeds will go to the NRDC and Defenders of Wildlife organizations.
  9. cleaning up
    Soho Salon Donates Hair for the Gulf Oil Spill CleanupApparently this is a real method of soaking up oil.