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Climate Change

  1. protests
    Over 1,000 People Have Been Arrested Protesting Climate Change in London“We will never stop fighting,” Swedish activist Greta Thunberg told demonstrators.
  2. earth day
    If Only Earth Knew How Much Celebrities Love HerHappy Earth Day.
  3. activism
    Powerful Photos From the Youth Climate Protests Around the WorldStudents in more than 1,500 cities are protesting climate inaction.
  4. youth climate strike
    These Kids Skipped School to Protest Climate ChangeAnger and hope at the New York Youth Climate Strike.
  5. activism
    Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Is Leading the Youth Climate Strike“Adults don’t really have to live with the problem of climate change, and young people have to deal with it for the rest of our lives.”
  6. nyfw fall 2019
    What Will We Wear When the Earth Is Too Hot for Humans?Luka Sabbat designed the clothing we’ll need to survive.
  7. science of us
    Are These the Food Rules That Will Save Us All?An argument for eating meat once a week.
  8. gallery
    This Artist Wants You to Think About Climate ChangeThe dramatic photographs show us what we’re losing.
  9. science of us
    Can Novels Help Us Care More About Climate Change?Even though it’s already impacting our lives, climate change is scarcely mentioned in fiction.
  10. science of us
    Climate Change Is Bad for Our Mental HealthAs temperatures rise, so does the prevalence of mental-health issues.
  11. climate change
    These Kids Are Suing Trump Over His Climate-Change PoliciesTwo kids, ages seven and 11, are fighting to prevent Trump from rolling back the Clean Power Plan.
  12. 7 Months Pregnant and Trapped in a Hurricane“I thought: My baby and I are going to drown.”
  13. having it all
    Leonardo DiCaprio Has Great Time-Management SkillsA climate change talk, then two dates in one night.
  14. the people's pope
    Pope Francis Does Not Have Time for Climate-Change Deniers“Man is stupid.”
  15. The Alaskan Women Bringing Renewable Energy to Tribal LandsGlobally, women are especially vulnerable to climate change.
  16. politics
    Germany Subtly Suggests Ivanka and Melania Brush Up on Climate ChangeThe German chancellor’s husband is shady.
  17. hot shot
    Leonardo DiCaprio Fights Climate Change One File Folder at a TimeHe attended the Climate March with a sign made out of a file folder.
  18. hot shot
    This Hot Firefighter Looks FamiliarJustin Trudeau met with firefighters.
  19. climate change
    Here’s an Interesting New Video Series on the Psychology of Climate ChangeIt covers a lot of ground, from the best messaging approaches to how to get people to act in more energy-efficient ways.
  20. Not Even Leonardo DiCaprio Can Convince Trump to Care About the EarthGod help us.
  21. everyday heroes
    Here’s How Leonardo DiCaprio Is Teaching Ivanka Trump About Climate ChangePhew.
  22. How to Talk About Climate Change So Anyone Will ListenA primer for getting climate skeptics — or people who are just indifferent — to care about the future of the planet.
  23. Renowned Founder of Pussy Posse Goes to WashingtonLeonardo DiCaprio met with President Barack Obama for another historic hotness summit.
  24. awareness
    Leonardo DiCaprio’s Climate-Change Acceptance Speech Had a Big Online ImpactBut how much of it will translate to action?
  25. Climate Change Is Making It Too Hot to WorkHigher temperatures mean lower productivity.
  26. Blame Climate Change for Making You Less Productive at WorkSorry, boss, carbon dioxide made me do it.
  27. the future sucks
    Study: Climate Change Could Mean Less BoningThe hotter it is the less we bone.
  28. climate change
    Climate Scientists Are Dealing With Psychological ProblemsImagine dealing with the apocalypse every day, all while people are attacking you for doing your work.
  29. political psychology
    ‘Solution Aversion’ Can Explain Climate SkepticsPeople are less likely to believe in a problem’s existence if they don’t like the proposed solutions for it.
  30. political psychology
    How to Convince Conservatives on Climate ChangeStep one: Stop describing it as a dire environmental emergency.
  31. Vivienne Westwood Shaves Her Head to Save the EarthCaptain Planet would approve.