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Coachella 2014

  1. look of the day
    Beyoncé Wore Underwear Longer Than Her JortsLots of layering.
  2. scene stealers
    Coachella Street Style: Fanny Packs, Crop Tops, & Jorts A sea of stick-on rhinestones.
  3. party lines
    Coachella Party Pics: Cara, Katy, LiLo, & MoreCrop tops abound.
  4. look of the day
    Chloe Nørgaard Was the Very Picture of CoachellaIridescent Uggs plus a garter.
  5. festival dressing
    Festival Dressing: Dress for the Band, Not the SpectacleFestival style we don’t hate. 
  6. coachella
    Neon-Friendly Starlets Paid to Go to CoachellaKate Bosworth is still looking for a “deal.” 
  7. cut off season
    The Coachella Diet: Another Reason to Skip CoachellaThis event gets worse and worse.