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  1. climate change
    Let Them Eat IcebergsThe secret ingredient to Martha Stewart’s vacation cocktail? Melting glaciers.
  2. gone viral
    The Drink of the Summer Is … Greasy?Savory cocktails are suddenly everywhere. Who’s drinking them?
  3. big little drinks
    Are Negroni Sbagliatos Actually Good?According to Laura Dern, definitely not.
  4. extremely online
    I Can’t Shut Up About the Negroni SbagliatoThe cocktail — with prosecco in it — is suddenly everywhere.
  5. cheers!
    A Cocktail at 9:30 A.M.? Sure, Why Not.Let Ina Garten guide you through these trying times.
  6. coronavirus
    Doesn’t a To-Go Negroni Sound Nice Right Now?Some New York bars are now offering their signature cocktails to-go.
  7. the seasons
    Frozen Cocktail Meal Prep (for Summer)Set it and forget it (a cocktail in the freezer).
  8. over easy
    Finally, a Way to Get Drunk on LaCroixCocktails in seltzer cans are the way of the future.
  9. [redacted]
    James Comey Is Serving Up Cheeky Cocktails at His Book Party[REDACTED].
  10. foot stuff
    Man Generously Donates His Severed Toes to a Canadian CocktailNick Griffiths’s frostbitten digits are now part of the famous Sourtoe cocktail.
  11. entertaining
    Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your Impeachment PartyMuch remains unknown, but we’ve got the cocktails figured out.
  12. A Juice Bar Concoction That Also Has VodkaWhy detox when you could retox?
  13. Is Tequila Actually Good For You?Wellness enthusiasts say it has all sorts of benefits. Nutritionists aren’t so sure.
  14. mostess week
    Cheap Thrill: How to Become an Expert BartenderA crash course in cocktails.
  15. bottoms up
    Taylor Swift’s Favorite Cocktail Is Very CollegeCheers!
  16. recipes
    Finally, a Way to Drink Your Enemies’ TearsIn cocktail form!
  17. cr party spy
    Getting Down With Carine at Her Paris Fashion Book PartyWhere supermodels, designers, A-listers, and Grammy-nominated musicians mingled last night.
  18. best bets
    Best Bet: Mix MasterAn easy, and stylish, way to become your own mixologist.