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  1. ouch!
    Lady Gaga Doesn’t Want to Get Coffee With Caitlyn Jenner“I’ve switched baristas.”
  2. coffee
    Happy National Coffee Day to Those Who CelebrateHere are a few more reasons to rationalize your coffee habit today.
  3. the group portrait
    A Coffee Shop for AllAt Daughter, owners Adam Keita, Sarah Elisabeth Huggins, and Brian Stoothoff are dedicated to making the Brooklyn café experience an ethical one.
  4. wellness theories
    How a Mushroom Expert Does WellnessRainbo’s Tonya Papanikolov on yoga, meditation, and the power of fungi.
  5. encounters
    Kelly Rowland Has Been Holding BackShe’ll share the hardest story of her life on her new album.
  6. food trends
    What Is Fluffy Coffee, and Why?Investigating the viral drink.
  7. wellness?
    Would You Like Some Artisanal 4Loko From the Finest Beans?“Hard cold brew” follows in the cursed footsteps of “hard seltzer.”
  8. us open
    I Love You, Timid U.S. Open Ball BoyThis ball boy failed in delivering Venus Williams her coffee, but succeeded in capturing our hearts.
  9. the cut opinion pages
    The Secret to Almost Being Okay With Being AwakeAnd he might already be in your kitchen.
  10. holiday tips
    Put a Candy Cane in Your CoffeeA delightful treat to enjoy — while you still can.
  11. science of us
    Butter Coffee? No, I’m on Cheese Coffee Now.An excuse to try the traditional Scandinavian drink/meal.
  12. the cut opinion pages
    All Coffee Should Be HotI will be fooled by iced lattes no longer.
  13. am i dying
    Is Drinking Coffee Messing With My Hormones?A few possible causes for spotting a week before your period.
  14. science of us
    Does CBD in Coffee Really Do Anything?Maybe. Or maybe not.
  15. goop
    Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You to Fill Your Butt With CoffeeWith the Implant O’Rama at-home enema!
  16. Hey, Coffee Lovers: Here’s Some Great News About Caffeine and HealthDrink up.
  17. openings
    This Cool New Shop Is Selling Indie Mags and Hard-to-Find Global SnacksImport News is a new storefront in Chatnam Square with Japanese candy, Spanish potato chips, and indie mags from around the world.
  18. swellness
    Please Don’t Make Me Try Maca Ever AgainPeople swear it’s a good coffee substitute. People are crazy.
  19. A Harvard Nutritionist Gives You Permission to Drink 5 Cups of Coffee a DayCoffee science is the best science.
  20. in this together
    Study: Both Parents’ Coffee Habits Linked to MiscarriageMen, this means you, too.
  21. cold brew
    Think You Love Coffee? This Guy Was Buried in an Espresso PotAshes to ashes, grounds to grounds.
  22. coffee
    Look, Coffee Is Probably Not Bad for YouThere’s almost no evidence suggesting it’s detrimental to your health. 
  23. it’s not easy being green
    A Guide to Matcha, the New Green Drink of Privilege A new fancy way to be smugly healthy. 
  24. wellness theories
    A Female Soccer Star on Coffee Naps and Surfing“I drink coffee 30 minutes before I want to nap.”
  25. caffeine
    The Best Time to Drink Your Coffee Is Probably Not When You’re Drinking ItResearch suggests waiting till after 9 a.m.
  26. wellness theories
    RuPaul on Plastic Surgery and Being ‘Well’“I’m a sensitive, sensitive man-child. I have to be very careful with what I put into my body.”
  27. How Much Coffee Would It Take to Kill You?A ridiculous amount.
  28. mysteries
    Why Your Weird Friends Are Drinking Hot Coffee in the SummerIt’s smarter than you and your fancy iced coffee, actually.