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  1. huh
    Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas Have Reportedly Moved in TogetherRaising the question: What have they been doing all these months, if not cohabitating?
  2. science of us
    Maybe ‘Should We Move in Together’ Is the Wrong QuestionSomething more like, “Why are we doing this?” (Beyond “My lease is up.”)
  3. sex lives
    Do Happy Couples Masturbate? When Masturbation Meets CohabitationWhen masturbation meets cohabitation.
  4. love bites
    27 Percent of Cohabiting Couples Break Up Within 3 YearsBasically, no matter what turn your relationship takes after signing a lease together, you’ve got company. 
  5. cohabitation
    Justin Theroux Has Syphilis ArtWhich he will not be moving into his home with Jennifer Aniston.
  6. rites of passage
    Parties We Should Have Instead of WeddingsBecause American sex and mating bevahior has evolved a lot faster than our laws, policies, and social rituals.