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  1. new faces of things
    Jennifer Aniston’s Face Has a New JobThe A-lister joins collagen brand Vital Proteins in two new roles.
  2. drugstore doctor
    Should I Be Taking Collagen?Experts explain the benefits of collagen powder and supplements.
  3. wrinkles in time
    Why Do We Age Differently?A few reasons why you can’t tell which Pharrell is older.
  4. wellness theories
    Olivia Munn on Anti-Aging Japanese Potatoes and Homemade Almond Milk“In eating them, I saw a huge difference.”
  5. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    Are These Asian Vitamins the Key to Great Skin?Examining the edible collagen trend.
  6. donating my body to science
    Can Gummy Candy Make You More Beautiful?Is the dream real?