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  1. college students
    ‘Gun Girl’ Chased Off College Campus by Hundreds of StudentsThe notorious right-wing activist received a notably unfriendly welcome at Ohio University.
  2. fashion
    Look What You’ll Be Wearing in Ten YearsIt might even involve crayons. Seven amazingly bold graduates from Parsons School of Design.
  3. remembrances
    The Shocking Thing About Teaching Roth to College KidsThey loved him.
  4. discrimination
    Student Claims Former Coach Kicked Her Off Team Over Her Instagram PostsFormer University of Cincinnati volleyball player Shalom Ifeanyi claims her former coach singled her out over her Instagram posts.
  5. A School Threatened to Punish Students Who Discussed Their Suicidal ThoughtsAn investigation from a free-speech group revealed a really counterproductive, potentially dangerous policy at Northern Michigan University.
  6. campus free speech
    How Not to Write About College Students and Free SpeechA new article in The Atlantic does some impressive cherry-picking of student opinion.
  7. gender
    Students Give Male Teachers Better EvaluationsIn online classes.
  8. relationships
    One School Is Teaching Its Students How to Break Up BetterA preemptive strike against bad and obsessive behavior.
  9. snapchats are forever
    Alert, Adults: College Kids Don’t Use Snapchat for SextingMostly it’s for “creativity.”