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  1. rainbow brites
    Why Are Everyone’s Eyelids Teal?From Janelle Monáe and Winnie Harlow to models at Rodarte’s runway show, aqua makeup is everywhere this spring.
  2. let’s makeup
    These New Tom Ford Eye Shadows Are Almost Too Pretty to UseTom Ford, what are you doing to us?
  3. science of us
    I Can’t Stop Reading This Twitter Thread on People Who Literally See TimeGrass is green, the sky is blue, and Wednesday is magenta.
  4. pantone color of the year
    Here’s Pantone’s 2018 Color of the YearIt’s apparently empowering, sexual, and soothing.
  5. i wanna be your paint swatch
    Paint Your Entire House With Prince’s New Official Pantone ShadeAn accent wall is not enough.
  6. The Weird 19th-Century Belief About the Magical Healing Powers of the Color BlueJust looking at it was supposedly enough to cure disease.
  7. How to Explain Color to Someone Who Can’t See“They told me that that sensation I felt while swimming, that omnipresent coolness, that’s blue.”
  8. When You Drink Pink Lemonade, the Color Tricks Your BrainCheers.
  9. Think You’re Color-Blind? Take This QuizIt’s way more common for guys than ladies.
  10. mobama
    The Color of Michelle Obama’s State of the Union Dress Was Very ControversialWas it marigold? Gold? Orange? Mustard yellow?
  11. goods
    15 Ways to Wear Royal Blue This FallCall it a color crush.