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  1. nope
    Keke Palmer Would Rather You Not Compare Her to ZendayaOr anyone, for that matter.
  2. celebrity
    Zoë Kravitz Says She’s Been Turned Down for Roles Over RaceThe Batman star said she couldn’t audition for The Dark Knight because they weren’t going “urban” for the role.
  3. power
    Columbia Psych Chair Suspended After Calling a Black Model a ‘Freak of Nature’Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman called Nyakim Gatwech “a work of art or freak of nature.”
  4. book excerpt
    Mi Mami Tells Me to Get Out of the SunGrowing up, my Nicaraguan mother worried about the darkness of my skin. But I can’t be held back by colorism.
  5. new faces of things
    The Indian Model Breaking Colorism BarriersNidhi Sunil has found success on two continents.
  6. skin deep
    Black Lives Matter Has Prompted a Reckoning in India’s Beauty IndustryIn recent months, skin-lightening creams have faced increasing backlash.