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  1. ray of light
    ColourPop Is Launching a New Wellness-Inspired BrandIt’s vegan too.
  2. let’s makeup
    Beautyblender Will Now Be Making FoundationIt’s also shaped like a Beautyblender sponge.
  3. club 40
    ColourPop Just Launched 42 Shades of FoundationOf course, you can thank Rihanna.
  4. let’s makeup
    A Popular Online Makeup Brand Doubled Its Concealer Shade RangeThirty shades for a spectrum of skin tones.
  5. let’s makeup
    You Can Buy One of the Most Popular Online Brands at UltaThey’re going to have exclusive products, too.
  6. lip service
    Sephora’s Most Affordable Brand Will Launch ‘Luxe AF’ LipsticksThey’re vegan, too.
  7. what’s in store
    Sephora Will Start Selling This Beloved, Super Cheap Makeup Line This FallPrices begin at $6.