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  1. always shopping
    Your Fantasy Camping Wardobe When You’re Stuck in the CityOpening Ceremony is collaborating with Columbia.
  2. campus sexual assault
    Accused Columbia Rapist Argues in Lawsuit That ‘Rapist’ Is a Gendered SlurPaul Nungesser refiled his Title IX suit against Columbia, complete with some … interesting new claims.
  3. kids these days
    Columbia Students Finally Find Something Worth Protesting: This Ugly SculptureFighting the good fight.
  4. victim-blaming
    Not Every Rape Victim Needs to Be Emma SulkowiczWhen we put the burden of speaking out on survivors, we let ourselves off the hook.
  5. the ivy league
    The New Privilege: Loudly Denouncing Your PrivilegeParadoxes of elite populism.
  6. sex ed
    Columbia Frat Scavenger Hunt Rewards Obscure Sex ActWhat is “poonspeeding”?