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  1. q&a
    Carrie Brownstein Is Redefining AmbitionThe Portlandia co-creator talks #MeToo, directing a rom-com, and getting back in the studio with Sleater-Kinney.
  2. golden globes 2018
    How Seth Meyers Plans to Talk About Sexual Assault at the Golden GlobesHosting the Golden Globes in a post-Weinstein, post-#MeToo world is no easy feat.
  3. give this person all the awards
    This Brilliant Girls Trip Scene Didn’t Make It Into the MoviePlease, someone get me the deleted scenes immediately!
  4. lawsuits
    Comedian Sued for Banning Men From ShowA man is comparing Iliza Shlesinger’s “Girls Night with Iliza – No Boys Allowed” with racial segregation.
  5. funny women
    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Is the Ultimate ‘Winning the Breakup’ FantasyAmy Sherman-Palladino’s new show offers a very specific kind of wish fulfillment.
  6. video
    Portlandia Will Take on 2017’s Sexual-Harassment EpidemicThe eighth and final season premieres in January.
  7. new shows
    SMILF Is a Must-Watch in a Post-Weinstein WorldStar and creator Frankie Shaw explains how Trump’s ‘grab ‘em by the pussy’ video inspired the show’s sexual-assault plotline.
  8. sexual harassment
    All the Times Louis C.K. Made a Creepy Masturbation JokeAfter five women accused the comedian of sexual misconduct, many of his jokes have taken on more sinister overtones.
  9. sexual harassment
    All the Allegations in the Bombshell Louis C.K. StoryFive women accused the comedian of sexual misconduct in a new New York Times report.
  10. cut covers
    The SNL Star Fighting Sizeism in FashionAidy Bryant of Saturday Night Live talks comedy and style.
  11. q&a
    This Former SNL Star Is Sick of Being Called ‘Quirky’Chatting to the former SNL and Master of None star about her debut feature, Mr. Roosevelt, and the struggles of being a woman a comedy.
  12. the harvey weinstein case
    Samantha Bee Has a Message for the Creeps of Hollywood: ‘We Are Coming for You’She dubbed Weinstein “White Cosby” in a scathing segment.
  13. funny women
    Baroness von Sketch Show Is the Canadian Answer to Inside Amy SchumerIt’s all about finding comedy in unexpected places.
  14. the teens
    American Vandal Is the Most Realistic Portrayal of High School EverIt’s also really, really funny.
  15. work
    How I Get It Done: Pamela Adlon of Better ThingsThe creator, writer, showrunner and star of FX’s Better Things talks about directing season two on her own and how she balances work and motherhood.
  16. hairy situation
    Broad City and Freedom From the Flat IronLast night’s hair-straightening plotline cuts to the core of who Ilana is, and what the show is all about.
  17. it’s complicated
    Why Did Lake Bell Make a Defense-of-Marriage Movie?Despite its anti-rom-com trappings, I Do … Until I Don’t is profoundly sentimental about the idea of long-term commitment.
  18. web series
    Everything Is Okay Is Black Mirror Meets Broad CityThe new web series from Topic is a dystopian spin on New York neuroses.
  19. cautionary tales
    The Handmen’s Tale Shows What Society Under Feminazi Rule Is Really LikeManfred used to be a senior VP — now he’s a senior VP with some female colleagues.
  20. cool teens
    Meet the Teen Girls Training to Be the Next Tina FeyBody issues and social anxiety make for excellent punch lines.
  21. relationships onscreen
    Man Seeking Woman Is the Show Every Neurotic Couple Needs to Watch TogetherIn its rebooted third season, the surrealist comedy has become one of TV’s smartest takes on the modern relationship.
  22. comedic controversies
    BBC Comedy Show Incites Controversy WithReal Housewives of ISIS’ SketchThe segment features lines like “It’s only three days until the beheading, and I’ve got no idea what I’m gonna wear.”
  23. comedy
    The Women Making the Realest Fake NewsTalking to the creators of Reductress, who just released their first book, How to Win at Feminism.
  24. the comedy world
    Amy Schumer Mocks Tampa Trump Supporters in Open LetterSchumer is still mad that audience members walked out of her Tampa show.
  25. jessica williams for president
    Jessica Williams Has No Time for Boring Masturbation JokesShe’s sick of hearing about white straight male comedians’ dicks.
  26. the gender pay gap
    Amy Schumer Just Broke a Major Milestone for Women in ComedyShe’s the first woman to land on Forbes’s list of the highest-paid comedians.
  27. movies
    Sex Is Funny. Love Is Funny. So Where Are All the Great New Romantic Comedies?People aren’t “tired” of funny stories about love.
  28. comedy
    Amy Schumer Speaks Out About Kurt Metzger’s Controversial Rape Comments“He’s the problem, no question, but the focus is on him rather than on what the real main problem is.”
  29. sexual assault
    The Comedy World Can’t Handle Rape AllegationsA series of accusations is forcing a discussion of misogyny in comedy.
  30. inside amy schumer’s book
    7 Things We Learned About Amy Schumer From Her New BookThe Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo.
  31. women in comedy
    Female Comedians Agree: Men Just Aren’t FunnySamantha Bee, Tracee Ellis Ross, Allison Janney, Kate McKinnon and Niecy Nash weigh in.
  32. 420
    Snoop Dogg Is Making His Own Broad CityThe female pot-comedy is experiencing a renaissance.
  33. Tilda Swinton Is Not Just Like Us, But She Did Love BridesmaidsA woman after our own hearts. 
  34. freaky friday
    Watch Anna Wintour’s Stand-up Comedy Set“Wintour is coming.”
  35. rape jokes
    The Woman Telling Rape Jokes With Her Pants OffThe past three years have given Adrienne Truscott plenty of material.
  36. wellness theories
    Jane Krakowski on Gratitude and Doing the Splits Onstage“Maybe this is from having a child, but I get happiness from my son every single day.”
  37. good tv
    Turns Out Mental Illness Makes Thrilling TVAt least for Maria Bamford.
  38. what to expect when you’re watching netflix
    Will Joking About Pregnancy Kill Your Baby?No. But Ali Wong’s Netflix special made me realize why there’s so little comedy about gestation.
  39. comedy
    Oh Boy, Looks Like Anna Wintour and Amy Schumer Are Gonna Swap Lives on TVHappy Freaky Friday!
  40. politics
    Hillary Clinton Has Amy Poehler in Her CornerOr should we say Leslie Knope. 
  41. Amy Schumer’s Breakup Advice: Meatball SubThe comic offered her boy-troubled friend a meatball sub and Scotch. 
  42. funny women
    Damn, It’s a Good Time for Funny Women on TVWe’ve got room to do better, but today’s comedy lineup offers a wealth we’ve never seen before.
  43. How to Be a Stepmom to the Son of Your Ex and His Dead WifeStep one: Don’t press charges when the kid crashes your car.
  44. L.A. Comedy Theater iO West Fires Director for Sexual HarassmentThree women came forward with allegations.
  45. dudes
    How Can You Make Stand-up Comedy Out of Sexism?By dressing up as a dude.
  46. women to watch
    Maria Bamford and the Hard Work of Acting NormalShe throws out all the usual scripts for female comedians.
  47. Explaining the Funny, Then Not Funny, Then Funny Again Joke Even if you don’t entirely want to reward the tedious gag with a laugh, you probably do.
  48. You Totally Laugh at Your Own Jokes, and More Facts About LaughterThe science of the giggles.
  49. debates
    Men: It’s No One’s Fault You’re Not FunnyBrave comedian Lizzy Caplan argues for funny-equality.
  50. comic relief
    When Fat Women Tell Fat JokesMaking weight something more than an easy punch line.
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