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  1. celebrity
    Jennifer Coolidge Manifested Her Dream RoleIn a new Super Bowl commercial, she plays a dolphin.
  2. celebrity
    Dunkin’ Donuts Promotes Ben AffleckThe unofficial brand ambassador appears to be starring in a commercial.
  3. no!
    Let the M&M’s Be Hot and MeanA rude corporate rebrand has decided the M&M’s characters should be … progressive?
  4. cinema
    Is This Nicole Kidman’s Most Mesmerizing Performance?The actress stars in AMC’s latest ad campaign.
  5. holiday season
    So, KFC Made a Sensual Holiday ‘Movie’A Recipe for Seduction stars Mario Lopez as Colonel Harland Sanders.
  6. political ducks
    Watch Melania Trump’s Bizarre 2005 Aflac CommercialThe ad ends with her quacking like a duck with webbed feet.
  7. niche drama
    Party City Learns the Hard Way Not to Offend Gluten-Free PeopleThe party chain apologized after its new ad called gluten-free people “gross.”
  8. debuts
    The First Ad Featuring a Trans Athlete Aired During the OlympicsChris Mosier stars in the fantastic Nike spot.
  9. kommercials
    Kendall Jenner Is Very Melodramatic About LashesIntriguing.
  10. TV Commercials Ruin the Songs You LoveIt gets hard to separate the songs from the brands. 
  11. model tracker
    Miranda Kerr Beat Up Santa ClausShe decided to be naughty this year, obviously.
  12. run through
    Eva Mendes’s Unedited, Racy Commercial for Calvin Klein Hits WebAmerican TV networks have refused to air the spot, but you can watch it right here!