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  1. science!
    Do Sand Dunes Communicate Better Than Your Roommates?New research suggests sand dunes can let one another know when they “need space.” What a concept.
  2. science of us
    Writing a Practice Email Feels Like Looking Into a MirrorI also read stressful emails on multiple devices. Am I nuts? It’s clarifying, anyway.
  3. good ideas
    Why Not Communicate With Your Friends Solely Through Celebrities?Cameo is a service for hiring celebrities to tell your friends things like “happy birthday.” But what if you used it to tell them “I’m running late”?
  4. science of us
    Dating Long-Distance Means Learning a New Way to FightConflict is trickier when you and your significant other can’t resolve it face-to-face.
  5. How to Be Heard When Talking to a Chronic InterrupterWhat to do when “just keep talking” is daunting advice.
  6. You’d Be a Better Communicator If You Weren’t So Afraid of Embarrassing YourselfAlan Alda argues that lessons from improv comedy can improve science communication. They can work for you, too.
  7. Scientists Finally Figured Out Why Whales Do Awesome Leaps Into the AirNow that’s a data breach.
  8. relationships
    People Naturally Sync Their Bodies, Breathing — and SkinIt’s called “interpersonal synchrony,” and it’s everywhere.
  9. The Statistic That Gets People to Actually Evacuate for a HurricaneUnfortunately, it’s not for the thing that causes the most deaths.
  10. Even a Century Ago, People Were Worried About Technology Ruining RelationshipsAn old cartoon echoes some very modern anxieties.
  11. Even Your Friends Can’t Tell When You’re Being Sarcastic Over EmailThey’re no better at it than strangers.
  12. science of us
    A New Study Confirms Your Worst Fears About Phone InterviewsYou’re more likely to get the job if you talk face-to-face.
  13. So, It Turns Out Some Whales Have Regional AccentsMuch like people in different regions of the same country, groups of whales have their own distinct calls.
  14. People Sniff Their Hands After a HandshakeNew research to make handshakes just a little more awkward. 
  15. technology
    What Happens When You Tear 6th Graders Away From Their Gadgets for Five Days No video games allowed.
  16. In Defense of Talking With Your HandsGestures can change the way we understand a word, a new study shows.
  17. no touching
    “Intimate” iPhone App Not Actually IntimateThe iPhone app Touch Room allows its users to match up their fingers on a screen.
  18. feelings
    Women Sad, Men Fearful; Humans E-MailThe first large-scale study of sentiment in e-mail found that men and women e-mail differently.
  19. communication
    Study: Liars Text More SlowlyBut you knew that. 
  20. communication
    House GOP Learns How to Talk to Women and Minorities Today“Don’t say rape.”
  21. communication
    Women Twice As Likely As Men to Use Emoticons:/