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  1. love and war
    Is the First Date Too Early for Couples Therapy?“Getting into a relationship is like putting Miracle-Gro on your character defects.”
  2. goodbyes
    This Is the End of ‘It’s Complicated.’ We Can Still Be Friends, Right? It’s not you, we promise.
  3. artifacts
    15 Amazing Personal Ads From the ’90s, Presented With CommentaryCan the post-teenybopper prattle; let’s talk turkey.
  4. diets
    I Ate Only Aphrodisiacs for an Entire DayWho doesn’t want more romance in their food?
  5. love bites
    After Getting Divorced, Men Get FatDudes who eat their feelings.
  6. first person
    I Love Men, But I’m Thinking of Having a Baby Without OneSex and the single girl in the time of the ticking clock.
  7. mood elevators
    25 Love Songs to Soundtrack Your BreakupSads, from Dum Dum Girls to Whitney Houston.
  8. first person
    Never Date a Writer. You’ll End Up As Material.Which isn’t as flattering as it sounds.
  9. it’s complicated
    4 Funny New Web Series About Dating to Watch NowJeans in bed, silent coffee shops, and a whole lot more dating-inspired hilarity.
  10. love bites
    No One Wants to Admit Their Relationship Isn’t Going AnywhereIn denial. 
  11. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: First Comes Pregnancy, Then Comes CocaineEverything was perfect until his addiction showed up.
  12. mood elevators
    Diary of a 20-Year-Old Breakup ProcrastinatorA fictional account of a very real phenomenon.
  13. first person
    I Rebounded From My Boyfriend With 4 WomenIn praise of the post-breakup friendship.
  14. diary
    I Tried to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Here’s What Happened.It’s not always like it is in the movies.
  15. love bites
    Computers Are Better at Flirting Than We AreIt’s because we believe what we want to hear.
  16. first person
    Sleeping Up: Why I Had an Affair With My Female BossA cautionary tale.
  17. atypical
    What It’s Like to Be a 58-Year-Old VirginYears and years of loneliness.
  18. adult education
    The Old Person’s Guide to Sexting Like a Teen Take out that mobile device and GYPO.
  19. mood elevators
    Find Your Happy Place in the ShowerHot, but not bothered.
  20. the lexicon of modern love
    Must We Call It a ‘Serious’ Relationship? What’s wrong with good, nice, fun, or even solid?
  21. our selfies ourselves
    Accept It, the #FirstDateSelfie Is Kind of SweetDigital documentation is the new souvenir.
  22. love bites
    Rejection Screws With Your Actual, Beating HeartWhen everyone really is hanging out without you. 
  23. manifestos
    I’m 40. I Don’t Want to Be a Mom. Now What?It’s more complicated than simply not having kids.
  24. meet cutes
    Joaquin Phoenix Said He Was Engaged to His Yoga Teacher; Lied [Update]A meet-cute that also resolved some back pain. 
  25. mood elevators
    A Set of Extremely Wise Graphic CardsCall it food for thought. 
  26. partylines
    The Affair’s Ruth Wilson Is Morally Okay With Affairs“There is so much gray. So much gray!”
  27. just like us
    15 Celebrities on Post-Breakup RevengeIs it better to live well, or to T.P. his car?
  28. ex men
    I Just Want to Not Be FriendsThe benefits of a clean break.
  29. aggressively enjoying life
    Leonardo DiCaprio, Sorority Recruiter, Leaves Club With 20 WomenNo woman left behind in the VIP. 
  30. love bites
    You Can Probably Guess the Top Reasons People DivorceA few people honestly don’t know what happened.
  31. mood elevators
    A Retro Bra That’s Ready for Its Close-upAs arresting as it is disarming.
  32. How to Find Love, the Matchmaker WayThe best pros to consult when you’re done swiping right.
  33. instagram model
    This Gay Model Couple Refused to Be Closeted, Succeeded AnywayThey took to Instagram and never looked back.
  34. advice
    Ask Polly: Am I Being Too Paranoid?Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  35. love bites
    Couples Who Sleep Closer Together Stay TogetherThe science of snuggling. 
  36. ex men
    Breaking Bad: 10 Ways Men Deal With BreakupsIs he the Waffler, the Dodge, or the Mope?
  37. mood elevator
    Here’s How to Flirt at an Ice Rink ’Tis the season.
  38. escapes
    Which Post-Breakup Vacation Is Right for You?From Watsu to wilderness exploration, ten indulgent ways to heal after a split.
  39. the lexicon of modern love
    I Got You, Sweetikin: Why We Call Each Other BabeIf Sonny and Cher had lived in the 16th century …
  40. love bites
    How Long Does a Typical Crying Binge Last?Tears by the numbers. 
  41. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: Girl Friends Who Made Bad GirlfriendsFrom best friends to lovers in record time. 
  42. oh rats
    Rats in Sexy Little Jackets Reveal Secret of Male AttractionLingerie for rodents.
  43. mood elevators
    How to Let Your Ex Know You’re Over It: A GIF GuideFlip your hair. 
  44. cube life
    10 Women on Their Office CrushesTrue tales of cubicle love.
  45. advice
    Ask Polly: How Do I Stop Being Such a Jerk?Stop lying to avoid seeming weak.
  46. astrology
    What’s Your Sign? My Love Affair With a ’70s Astrology BookWhy we seek relationship help from the stars.
  47. One Woman Turned Awful Breakup Texts Into ArtLooking for love, getting revenge. 
  48. love bites
    Feeling Crazy After a Breakup? Blame Your BrainThis is from the same brain-scan study that suggested love kinda does work like a drug. 
  49. mood elevators
    A 24-Karat-Gold Recipe for Softer LipsPucker up.
  50. just like us
    15 Celebrities Share Their Worst Breakup StoriesEven Liam Neeson’s been dumped.
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