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  1. the stars they're just like us
    John Stamos, Amy Poehler, and the Uncertain Sea of Modern Dating“It was a date in my eyes.”
  2. divorce
    Why People Think the Divorce Rate Is Soaring Even Though It’s Going DownIf you’re convinced the world is going to hell, “50 percent of marriages end in divorce” is a very useful zombie statistic.
  3. love bites
    Most Long-Distance Couples Who Move to Be Together Don’t Make ItThere is apparently something to the absence-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder thing. 
  4. love and war
    Winning the Breakup in the Age of InstagramA generation defines itself by post-relationship peacocking.
  5. hair woes
    Halle Berry’s Daughter Wins in Hair Court FightBut her parents lose.
  6. mood elevators
    A Whimsical Art Print to Dress Up Your WallNever the wrong time to get lucky, right?
  7. celeb weddings
    Are Real Spies Reporting on ScarJo’s Wedding?A preposterous theory; also, Scarlett Johansson is probably married now. 
  8. first person
    Why I’d Never Be ‘the Other Man’ Again: A ConfessionA cautionary tale.
  9. love bites
    In 3 Months, That Breakup Won’t Feel So BadSoon, you’ll see the whole thing as a personal growth experiment, according to research. 
  10. first person
    The Loneliness of the Long-Distance BreakupIt can be worse to never run into your ex than to see him all the time.
  11. love bites
    Don’t Break Up by Text If You Want to Stay FriendsYou’ll unfortunately need to break that heart in person. 
  12. i'll never do that again
    Yes, I Speed-Dated With a Paper Bag on My HeadHere are the people I met and the awful things I learned.
  13. i'm yelling tinder
    Tinder Is the New Lonely PlanetSwipe right for free tour guides. 
  14. mood elevators
    A Scent That Smells Like SensualityThe perfume is engineered to attract.
  15. the lexicon of modern love
    Why Couples Argue So Much Over ApologiesA Q&A with linguist Deborah Tannen.
  16. first person
    The Joy of Frexes: Why It’s Great to Be Friends With Your ExHint: It all starts with the end.
  17. love bites
    How to Divorce-Proof a Marriage: Just Give It TimeThe risk of divorce drops as the years go by. 
  18. first person
    I Married a Man Named KaleLike the vegetable.
  19. mood elevators
    A Miniature Film Projector for Your InstagramsBecause vacation photos were meant to be viewed blown-up on a wall.
  20. the breakup
    She Choked on Chicken: 17 Suppers That Spelled the End of a RelationshipSometimes when we end it, there’s food involved.
  21. first person
    How I Broke Up With My Clothes (and My Walk-in Closet)Splitting up with a former version of yourself. 
  22. love bites
    Upside of Breaking Up: You’ll Sleep Better AloneOne study found that getting the bed all to yourself reduces middle-of-the-night awakenings by 60 percent. 
  23. weddings!
    7 Brides (and 1 Groom) on What Made Them Cry on Their Wedding DaysPass the tissues.
  24. harsh reality
    Taylor Swift Is Bitter and Jaded Just Like the Rest of UsI worry for the kittens.
  25. mood elevators
    A Sexy Cutout Bustier You Can Wear Anytime A piece that defies gravity.
  26. just like us
    Will the Kardashian Kristmas Kard Ever Return?A weekly celebrity-love roundup. 
  27. advice
    Ask Polly: How Do I Let Go When I Thought He Was ‘The One’?Don’t let yourself get cropped out of the picture.
  28. love bites
    You’re 75 Percent More Likely to Get Divorced If Your Friends DivorceEnding your relationship seems like a better idea once your friend’s ended hers. 
  29. love
    Friendship Breakups Are Our First HeartbreaksSo why is it hard to take platonic love seriously as we get older?
  30. swoon
    Does Yoko Ono Have a Crush on Hugh Jackman?Reported “swoons” at the U.N.
  31. relationships
    ‘Capitalization’ Is Vital to RelationshipsWhat do you do when your partner tells you big news that has nothing to do with your relationship?
  32. mood elevator
    Let Marcello Mastroianni Take You on a Trip to ItalyBecause sometimes you just need to be transported.
  33. hormones
    Birth-Control Pills May Turn Your 5 Boyfriend Into an 8Do you dare go off?
  34. misandry
    Instead of a Breakup, Consider Black Widowhood Iggy Azalea did write a song about it.
  35. love bites
    Is 49 the Age Guys Are Most Likely to Cheat?According to one study, yeah. 
  36. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: She Moved in, He DisappearedHe worshipped her back in high school — in their 20s, reality set in.
  37. mood elevators
    How to Scope for Hunks When You’re Newly Single: A Brief GIF Instruction ManualTo guide you through.
  38. first person
    I Broke Up With 6 Shrinks. Is It Them, or Me?When therapy resembles dating.
  39. How to Redecorate After Your Ex Has Moved Out When home is where the broken heart is, here’s how to start moving on.
  40. love bites
    44 Percent of Young Adults Who Break Up Will Get Back TogetherMaybe don’t delete his or her number just yet. 
  41. the lexicon of modern love
    The Long Linguistic Life of It’s ComplicatedIt’s been complicated for more than a century.
  42. mood elevators
    A Beauty Bag for Your Rebound RevampStash your date-night makeup here.
  43. the lexicon of modern love
    Are You Getting Curved and Don’t Even Know It?Rejected
  44. dividing the assets
    The Hell of Selling a House With an Ex-Spouse “It all comes down to one word: power.”
  45. love bites
    23 Percent of Broken-Hearted College Students Have Revenge SexThe worse they felt about the breakup, the more likely they were to get after some revenge sex. 
  46. hair today
    What Your Hairstylist Knows About Love The juiciest stories from the people who’ve heard it all. 
  47. mood elevators
    A Foolproof Way to Treat Yourself to WineNo obscure grape knowledge needed.
  48. the end
    She Ate Combos: And 20 Other Surprising Relationship Last Straws ExplainedOh, I can quit you all right.
  49. quickies
    Saudi Man Divorces Wife Minutes After He Sees Her FaceVeil off, divorce papers out. 
  50. the dedicated
    Meet 52 Ways to Break Up Creator Megan Rosati “In order to feel really sad about something, at one point you had to feel something pretty beautiful.”
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