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  1. Leslie Jones Has a Secret Boyfriend“I kind of am seeing someone, but it’s a secret.”
  2. dong watch
    Justin Theroux Acknowledges His Enormous PenisThank you for addressing this important phenomenon.
  3. photos or it didn’t happen
    That One Time Jennifer Lawrence Modeled for AbercrombieThe photos were never published.
  4. cfd-haaaay!
    Seth Meyers Had His Doubts About Anna Wintour’s Sense of Humor“You were right, Anna Wintour.”
  5. just pants
    Video: Conan Follows Through on Threat to Host His Show in MeggingsTim Gunn might be leaning over a bucket somewhere.
  6. just pants
    Video: Conan O’Brien Gives Tim Gunn Too Much Information About His Jeggings ObsessionApparently Conan is “obsessed” with them.
  7. delicious journeys
    Brüno Dances to Lady Gaga for Conan O’BrienHe might be nearing the point of overexposure, but we couldn’t help but laugh.
  8. beauty marks
    Gwyneth Paltrow’s Lubed-Up Legs; Bare Eyes at Jason Wu’s Resort ShowAlso, Lancôme is trying to appeal to men.
  9. loose threads
    Burberry’s Profits Soar; Mariah Carey to Guest-Judge ‘Project Runway’?Also, Heidi Klum’s legs are insured for different amounts, and Richard Prince’s new Louis Vuitton handbags have jokes written on them.
  10. loose threads
    Fur-Draped Aretha Franklin Is PETA’s Worst Dressed>• PETA’s worst-dressed list is out! Aretha Franklin tops it, followed by Marilyn Manson, Eva Longoria, and Lindsay Lohan. [TeamSugar]