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  1. nope!
    Maybe Don’t Kiss Musicians at Their ConcertsA crazed fan recently grabbed Alicia Keys’s face mid-song and planted a big, invasive kiss on her cheek.
  2. music
    No More Chaos for KehlaniThey’ve found peace of mind, a loving relationship, and romantic table grapes.
  3. astroworld
    Travis Scott Denies Responsibility for Astroworld TragedyThe rapper says he didn’t know “the exact details” of the incident “until minutes before the press conference.”
  4. astroworld
    For Travis Scott, a Wild Crowd Was Always the GoalThe rapper encouraged his fans in raucous behavior long before this weekend’s Astroworld Festival performance.
  5. social distancing
    Oh Great, a Giant, Maskless Smash Mouth ConcertOver the weekend, thousands of people gathered at a biker festival in South Dakota with no social-distancing measures in place.
  6. why
    Hell Is This Giant Chainsmokers ConcertIn the Hamptons, during the COVID pandemic, with a DJ set from a Goldman Sachs CEO.
  7. crying
    Ariana Grande Explains Why She’s Been Crying at Her ConcertsGrande said on social media that she “committed to doing this tour during a time in my life when I’m still processing a lot.”
  8. reunions
    The Spice Girls Are Officially Doing a Reunion TourSay you’ll be there.
  9. style
    St. Vincent’s All-Time Best Tour OutfitsFrom hot-pink vinyl leotards to shimmery space-age mini-dresses.
  10. cultural exchanges
    Nelly Will Play an All-Male Concert in Saudi ArabiaBut will “Hot In Herre” make the set list?
  11. bad girl riri
    If You’re Going to Throw a Bra at Rihanna, At Least Make Sure It Fits Her“You know damn well this is too big for my titties.”
  12. bbhm pizza
    Benevolent Rihanna Sent Her Fans Free Pizza for Waiting in the RainRihanna knows what the people want.
  13. concerts
    Rihanna Bursts Into Tears at Concert, Proving Even Gods Are FallibleMaybe she’s extra emotional over the Cavs victory?
  14. vaginas
    Rihanna Grabbing Her Crotch: An AnalysisShe has five crotch-grabbing techniques.
  15. run through
    Madonna Will Wear Boatloads of Designer Goods for the Sticky and Sweet TourThat means custom-made pieces by Givenchy, Stella McCartney, Miu Miu, and more! And some gypsy and Japanese influences.