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  1. empathy
    Gladwell: HDTV Has Made the NFL Psychologically PainfulThe greater the empathy, the worse the viewing experience.
  2. Concussions Are a Big Problem in Women’s Sports, TooResearch says they could be worse than we thought.
  3. football
    Should Pediatricians Recommend Banning Youth Tackle Football?“Physicians have a role to play in shifting the culture when it results in harm to children’s long-term health.”
  4. bad science
    The Chocolate-Milk Concussion ScandalThis is a pretty spectacular, embarrassing failure.
  5. concussions
    We All Make Decisions Like the One Wes Welker Just MadeWe’re constantly trying to reconcile what we want today with what might kill us decades from now.
  6. football
    High School Football May Lead to Brain ChangesPreliminary evidence that we should be more worried about football.
  7. sports
    30 Percent of NFL Players Will Get Dementia, According to the NFLPlayers face serious long-term risks.
  8. head fake
    New York Post Says Hillary Clinton Is Faking ConcussionObama’s birth certificate, meet Clinton’s doctor’s note.