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  1. power
    The DOJ Is Investigating Cori Bush’s Use of Campaign FundsA similar congressional investigation last year found that her husband provided “bona fide” security work.
  2. power
    Everyone Wants a George Santos Cameo for Christmas, ApparentlyThe former congressman has been keeping busy.
  3. manners
    Lauren Boebert Broke Up With Her ‘Beetlejuice’ DateBecause he was a Democrat.
  4. politics
    Maybe Just Retire?Nancy Pelosi is seeking reelection in 2024.
  5. ufos
    So, Is That a Yes on Aliens?The congressional UFO hearing hasn’t fully answered the big question.
  6. power
    Sarah McBride Is Making History AgainThe Delaware state senator and transgender activist is running for Congress.
  7. politics
    The MAGA Girlbosses Are FightingMarjorie Taylor Greene called Lauren Boebert a “little bitch” on the House floor amid mounting tensions.
  8. celebrity
    Turns Out a Lot of People Are Thirsty for TikTok’s CEOShou Zi Chew may not have won over Congress, but he has my FYP in a chokehold.
  9. tech
    Unpacking the Recent Flood of TikTok BansThe app’s murky connection to China has alarmed a lot of politicians — and now the White House.
  10. celebrity
    Chrissy Teigen’s Trump Insult Tweet Made It to a House HearingThe White House reportedly wanted Teigen’s 2019 tweet taken down.
  11. how i’ll get it done
    Representative Becca Balint Is Ready to Tame Some EgosThe Vermont Democrat used to wrangle middle-school students. How different can working across the aisle be?
  12. how i’ll get it done
    Representative Summer Lee Will Make Sure She’s Not the Last Like HerThe incoming freshman is the first Black woman elected to Congress from Pennsylvania. Here’s what she hopes to accomplish.
  13. how i’ll get it done
    Representative Delia Ramirez Knows the Housing StruggleThe Illinois Democrat talks to the Cut about finding a roommate at orientation and how she’ll get it done in Congress.
  14. wtf
    NY Man Released a Sex Tape for his Congressional CampaignCandidate Mike Itkis called the video “a conversation piece.”
  15. power
    This Congressional Candidate Gave Birth On-camera“It’s important for folks to see how pregnancy and birth is a medical event that occurs in a hospital with doctors,” says Louisiana’s Katie Darling.
  16. politics
    I’d Skip Congress for Issa Rae’s Wedding, TooCan you really blame Representative Mondaire Jones for voting by proxy?
  17. gun control
    An 11-Year-Old Uvalde Survivor Testified Before CongressMiah Cerrillo described watching a gunman murder her teacher and classmates.
  18. power
    Conservatives Are Losing It Over This Ilhan Omar TweetAfter a video showing Christians singing worship songs on a plane went viral, the congresswoman pointed out its hypocrisy.
  19. how i get it done
    How Congresswoman Katherine Clark Gets It DoneThe Assistant Speaker handles a grueling schedule and tough legislative battles with a little help from her group chat.
  20. power
    3.7 Million Kids Fell Below the Poverty Line in One MonthNow that benefits for low-income parents have expired, child poverty is the highest it’s been since 2020.
  21. congress
    Hal Rogers Poked Representative Joyce Beatty and Told Her to ‘Kiss My Ass’The representative accosted Beatty when she asked him to wear a mask on Capitol transportation.
  22. covid-19
    AOC Has Tested Positive for COVID-19The representative says she’s experiencing symptoms and is recovering at home.
  23. fuck this guy
    What Joe Manchin Really Thinks About Poor ParentsThe senator reportedly told colleagues that child-tax-credit payments would be spent on drugs.
  24. power
    Congressman Posts Bizarre Cry for AttentionRepresentative Paul Gosar of Arizona tweeted an anime video depicting him violently attacking AOC.
  25. power
    Cori Bush Kept Millions of People From Losing Their HomesThe freshman Congresswoman slept on the Capitol steps for days, pushing the White House to extend the eviction moratorium.
  26. free britney
    Even Congress Wants to Free BritneyThe bipartisan-backed FREE Act would increase oversight on conservatorships like hers.
  27. congress
    Cori Bush Is Moving Her Office Away From QAnon-Supporting CongresswomanShe says it’s for her team’s safety.
  28. capitol insurrection
    Where Is the ‘Law and Order’ Now?“So peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters get tear-gassed, but right-wing extremists get into the Capitol? Got it.”
  29. politics
    Nancy Pelosi Is Narrowly Reelected House SpeakerWith 216 votes to her Republican opponent’s 209, the Democrat secured another term as leader of the House.
  30. how i’ll get it done
    How Representative Katie Porter Will Get It DoneThe California representative on how she prepares for hearings, her signature whiteboard, and what Congress needs to prioritize in January.
  31. ugh
    Another Trump Is Reportedly Considering PoliticsLara Trump is rumored to be interested in running for Congress.
  32. spicy
    No One Does Math Better Than Representative Katie PorterBludgeon me with your whiteboard.
  33. encounter
    ‘We Saw This Problem Coming’Lauren Underwood, the youngest Black woman to ever serve in Congress, on remote legislating during a pandemic.
  34. coronavirus
    Coronavirus Has Reached CongressTwo representatives and one senator have tested positive for COVID-19.
  35. coronavirus
    How Can We Fight a Pandemic Without Paid Sick Leave?As coronavirus spreads, millions of Americans have to choose between staying home when they’re ill and receiving a paycheck.
  36. politics
    Katie Hill, After the ScandalHer rise to Congress heralded the arrival of a new and modern political generation. And then the pictures leaked.
  37. the cut on tuesdays
    When Your New Job Takes Over Your LifeCongresswoman Lauren Underwood and more, on this week’s Cut podcast.
  38. power
    Wendy Davis Is Running for CongressThe sneaker-wearing, filibustering abortion activist is challenging Chip Roy in Texas.
  39. how i get it done
    How to Survive Being a Freshman in D.C.For 32-year-old Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, living with a roommate is key.
  40. reading the signs
    Last Night, D.C. Got a New Power UniformFinally, a visual shorthand for women in politics.
  41. hot shot
    The Women of Congress Are Wearing White to Trump’s SOTU As an Act of SolidarityThey gave speeches on gender equality while dressed to honor the suffragettes.
  42. social media
    AOC Will Try to Teach Her Democratic Colleagues to Be Good at TwitterThis may be her hardest task yet.
  43. power
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Conservative Trolls With New Dancing Video“Wait till they find out Congresswomen dance too!”
  44. a woman’s place is in the house
    The History-Making Gown at the Congressional Swearing-InRashida Tlaib wore a traditional thobe to become the first Palestinian-American congresswoman.
  45. power
    Congress to Make Members Actually Pay for Their Own Harassment SettlementsThe settlements had previously been funded with taxpayer money.
  46. sexual assault
    Kavanaugh and His Accuser Both Say They’re Willing to Testify Before Congress“She decided to take control of this and tell this in her own voice,” a lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford said.
  47. florida
    This Congressional Candidate Is More Than Just Her Alien Abduction, Okay?“It has nothing to do with what I have done. It happened when I was 7 years old,” Bettina Rodriguez Aguilar said.
  48. a woman’s place is in the house
    Michigan Likely Just Elected the First-Ever Muslim Woman to CongressThe progressive Palestinian-American Democrat had a day filled with “happy chaos.”
  49. keeping up with kongress
    Kourtney Kardashian Went to D.C. to Advocate for Safer Beauty ProductsKourtney takes Kongress.
  50. politics
    Paul Ryan Stepping Down Is the Only Good Thing He’s Done for WomenMany are not sad to see him go.
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