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  1. politics
    Planned Parenthood Won’t Be Defunded Under Congress’s New BudgetIt’s seen as a win for Democrats.
  2. politics
    Democratic Women in Congress Wear White to President Donald Trump’s AddressThe color choice is a nod to the women’s suffrage movement.
  3. political football
    Of Course the Zika Funding Bill Excludes Birth Control and Planned ParenthoodCongress, tossing women’s health around like a football since forever.
  4. vapists
    It’s Like This Hot Congressman Doesn’t Even Know How Embarrassing Vaping IsSomebody should tell him.
  5. the body politic
    Guess What? Americans Love Planned ParenthoodMore than they love either political party or any presidential candidate.
  6. abortion
    Congress Had a Hearing About Planned Parenthood But Didn’t Invite ThemHm, something odd about that.
  7. shmashmortion
    Republicans Investigating Planned ParenthoodHouse Republicans announced a Congressional investigation into Planned Parenthood.
  8. letter writing campaigns
    Meryl Streep Reminds Congress We Need an ERAShe sent a letter to every member of Congress asking them to revive it.
  9. elections
    Why the Midterms Were Bad News for WomenEven though some high-profile female candidates got elected.
  10. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Clay Aiken, Hopeful Congressman He has a new image, that’s for sure.
  11. politics
    On Capitol Hill, the Mom Caucus Is GrowingTo achieve gender parity in senior legislative offices, political moms can’t wait for an empty nest to go to Washington.
  12. recruitment
    GOP Asks Women to Relinquish Household and Run for CongressDoesn’t its labor and family planning stances make it way easy?
  13. inappropriate style icons
    An Ode to Michele Bachmann’s Flashy Political StyleCongress’s French manicure enthusiast won’t seek reelection.
  14. Why Female Politicians Aren’t Always Pro-WomenThatcher, Palin, and whether parity in politics will create equality of the sexes.
  15. New York Congresswoman Leads Historic Boys’ ClubYou go, Nita Lowey.