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Conspiracy Theories

  1. lies
    Sandy Hook Families Offer to Settle Alex Jones’s DebtThey’ve proposed he pay $85 million over ten years, rather than the $1.5 billion he owes.
  2. conspiracy theories
    Who Is Kendall’s Sexy Snorkeling Date?Fans think she’s vacationing with basketball ex Devin Booker.
  3. conspiracy theories
    This Kardashian Photoshop Drama Is Next LevelTurns out Kim Kardashian was behind the Disneyland photo edit all along.
  4. lawsuits
    Alex Jones Ordered to Pay $100K in Sandy Hook Conspiracy CaseThe Infowars creator must pay court and legal fees after being sued for his claims that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax.
  5. conspiracy theories
    All the Evidence That This Deeply Chaotic YouTuber Marriage Is FakeTana Mongeau finally admitted that her marriage to Jake Paul isn’t legal. But … she swears it’s real.
  6. aliens
    This Area 51 Thing Is Getting Out of HandMillions of people have now responded to the Facebook event, prompting a response from the Air Force.
  7. keeping up with the royals
    Look Into Your Heart … Has Meghan Markle’s Baby Arrived?The palace says one thing, but the public senses another.
  8. #freebritney
    What’s Going on With These #FreeBritney Protests?Some fans, convinced the singer has been confined to a treatment facility against her will, have taken to the streets.
  9. q&a
    What Drives Someone to Become a Conspiracy Theorist?The Cut spoke to Anna Merlan about Pizzagate, paranoia peddlers, and her debut book Republic of Lies.
  10. marriage: an investigation
    What the Melania Body-double Conspiracy Says About the Trumps’ MarriageIt reinforces the notion that Melania is more a category of person than an irreplaceable individual.
  11. conspiracy theories
    Wait, Taylor Swift Actually Travels Inside a Suitcase?Zayn says she does!
  12. meanwhile in canada
    Canada Too Polite to Brag About Its Own Hot DuckCould it be a global conspiracy?
  13. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: A Tweet About Steve Bannon Getting the Death PenaltyIn a perverse way, it’s heartening — kookiness truly knows no political-party bounds.
  14. conspiracy theories
    Donald Trump Thinks Sexual-Assault Protesters Are ‘Paid Professionals’Presumably in reference to the two brave sexual-assault survivors who confronted Senator Jeff Flake over his Kavanaugh vote.
  15. new conspiracy theory i invented
    Are Restorers Ruining Spanish Art to Obscure an Ancient Truth? A Theory.What secrets are being covered up? What truths will be revealed?
  16. crime
    John McAfee Puts Your ‘Hey, Just Seeing This’ Texts to Shame“I apologize for my three-day absence,” he tweeted. “My enemies [managed] to spike something that I ingested.”
  17. hot shot
    Does Marion Cotillard Believe in the Moon Landing Now?The former moon landing denier was seen wearing a NASA cap.
  18. lawsuits
    Sandy Hook Parents Are Suing Alex Jones for DefamationThe popular conspiracy theorist has spent years claiming that the mass shooting in which 20 children died was a false-flag operation.
  19. conspiracy theories
    Can the Queer Eye Food Expert Actually Cook?Can he really cook? The proof is in the pudding … he didn’t make.
  20. collaborations
    Alex Jones Is Reportedly Working on a Book With a Pickup ArtistThe conspiracy theorist–pickup artist collaboration we’ve all been waiting for.
  21. conspiracy theories
    Eric Trump Suggests Ellen DeGeneres Is Part of the ‘Deep State’In which she joins forces with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
  22. science of us
    Why Believing in UFOs Is More Fun When You’re the Only OneI thought I wanted legitimacy, but maybe I didn’t.
  23. beautiful moments
    Bill O’Reilly Owned Himself With His Clothing Conspiracy TheorySure, man, that’s definitely what it is.
  24. skin deep
    10 Conspiracy Theories About the World’s Most Infamous Skin CreamLa Mer is the most mysterious beauty product in history, and it has the crazy rumors to prove it.
  25. Watch Alex Jones Get Coffee Dumped on Him While Trying to Film in Seattle“See that? That’s who they are! This is the brainwashing.”
  26. conspiracy theories
    A Breitbart Editor Has a Conspiracy Theory About J.Law’s Vogue CoverIt has to do with the Statue of Liberty.
  27. Why Education (Sometimes) Protects People From Conspiracy TheorizingTwo new experiments dig into the complicated interplay between education and susceptibility to fake news.
  28. conspiracy theorists
    Alex Jones Is a Very Rude Lunch HostIn a new Der Spiegel profile, we learn what eating barbecue with Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones looks and sounds like.
  29. pizzagate
    To Understand Pizzagate, It Helps to Understand CultsJust about anyone can, under the right circumstances, start believing some crazy and potentially dangerous stuff.
  30. Bristol Palin Is Pregnant AgainThe former abstinence speaker is expecting her third child.
  31. The North Dakota crash was an inside job
    It’s So Easy to Get People to Believe in Conspiracy Theories a LittleWhy won’t the government tell us what really happened with the North Dakota Crash? What gives them the right to hide the truth from us?
  32. kim kardashian robbery
    All of the Insane Conspiracy Theories About the Kim Kardashian RobberyShe’s being accused of faking it on social media.
  33. conspiracy theories
    Why Are Trump’s Hands Always Making the Symbol for ‘Vagina’?Hmmmmmm. Is that what we think it is?
  34. conspiracy theories
    The Global Mascara Conspiracy: A Truther SpeaksIs mascara a waste of money? Is mascara a waste of time? Let’s find out.
  35. Conservative Woman Could Impact Texas TextbooksUnsurprisingly, she does not believe in climate change.
  36. chipotle
    There Were Always Going to Be Chipotle TruthersA viral, conspiracy-addled column offers a fascinating real-life example of political psychology in action.
  37. conspiracy theories
    Honestly We Should All Have a Human Laptop-Holder Like This Ancient Greek StatueFirst they invented democracy; then they invented laptops.
  38. conspiracy theories
    Florida Atlantic University Fired Its Sandy Hook–Truther ProfessorJames Tracy claimed parents of Sandy Hook victims were government agents.
  39. conspiracy theories
    Will a Sandy Hook–Truther Prof Lose His Job?“Tracy even sent us a certified letter demanding proof that Noah once lived, that we were his parents, and that we were the rightful owner of his photographic image.”
  40. conspiracy theories
    Is Jennifer Lawrence Faking Her Falls? A Truther Speaks OutThe actress toppled yet again — or did she?
  41. conspiracy theories
    A Nuanced Look at 9/11 Truthers“In my circles, people ignore it. It’s like I’m a leper. I don’t see many people anymore.”
  42. conspiracy theories
    What Do Conspiracy Theories Do to Us?A new experiment sheds light. 
  43. political psychology
    People Aren’t Suspicious of Things Labeled ‘Conspiracy Theories’Yet another reason they are hard to debunk.
  44. conspiracy theories
    Here’s a Cool Conspiracy Theory About Ted Cruz“We’ve already decided. At the last retreat … we already decided.”
  45. A Crazy New Rumor About the Pledge of AllegianceThey’re infiltrating our kids’ schools!
  46. conspiracy theories
    Watch a Good 2-Minute Debunking of Anti-Vaccine Autism NonsenseThese conspiracy theories have serious consequences.
  47. strange stories
    The Great Beyoncé-Shape Conspiracy Theory, Featuring Mysterious Sex ActsA sexually deranged tale for the ages.