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Consumer Psychology

  1. How to Shop Amazon Prime Day Deals Without Buying Stuff You’ll RegretA brief guide to buyers’ remorse, just in time for our national day of online shopping.
  2. There’s One Situation Where a Tangible Gift Is Better Than Giving an ExperienceSome milestones are best marked with stuff, not with memories.
  3. Inside the Mind of a Million-Dollar Art BidderAuctions are designed to push bidders’ emotional and psychological buttons.
  4. consumer psychology
    8 Ways to Give Slightly Less-Bad Gifts This YearYou can do better.
  5. It’s Astonishing That Pay-What-You-Want Policies Ever WorkGetting people to voluntarily fork over their money involves some complex psychology.
  6. Buying Fair-Trade, All-Organic Everything Can Turn You Into a Bit of a JerkWhen ethical shopping backfires.
  7. Why Good-Looking Salespeople Actually Make You Less Likely to ShopIf you’re trying to buy something embarrassing, anyway.
  8. The Weird Psychology of Returning Stuff to the StoreThe longer a store allows you to return something after purchasing, the less likely you are to ever actually return it.
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    Watch This Video to Find Out How to Maximize Your Vacation HappinessIt’s all about storytelling.
  10. the holidays
    Don’t Underestimate the Pleasures of Buying StuffExperiences make you happy, sure. But so do things! 
  11. decisions decisions
    Birchbox Has Succeeded Because Lots of People Really Hate Making ChoicesAnd other subscription boxes, for that matter. 
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    A New Study Suggests That Sleeping on a Decision Might Not Do MuchThis is a tricky thing to untangle.
  13. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: Why Kids Are So Vulnerable to MarketingChildren are very, very suggestible.
  14. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: How Marketers Target Your SensesIt’s not just sleek cars and sexy spokespeople.
  15. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: Why Impulse-Buying Is So SeductiveThe psychological principle that helps explain the allure of purchasing stuff on a whim.
  16. consumer psychology
    The Psychological Case Against TippingThe research shows it isn’t an effective way of improving service, and yet Americans still love to tip. Here’s why.
  17. This Is Your Brain on Advertising: Why Your Favorite Brand Is Like a FriendThe psychological and physiological underpinnings of brand loyalty. 
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    Chuck E. Cheese Doesn’t Get ‘Millennials’Why face harsh realities when you can churn out pop-psychological theories instead?
  19. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: Why Sex Doesn’t SellNew research questions an old assumption about advertising. 
  20. consumer psychology
    So Volkswagen’s Betrayal Broke Your HeartThe psychology of beloved brands gone bad. 
  21. consumer psychology
    People React Differently to Brands With Human-Seeming QualitiesA weird quirk of consumer psychology.
  22. consumer psychology
    How to Maximize Your Vacation HappinessYour vacation is more than the period between its start and its end.
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    The Psychological Case Against Tasty, Tasty AppetizersDon’t let your appetizer write a check your entree can’t cash.
  24. consumer psychology
    When Big Companies Sponsor Stuff, Does It Work?Screaming into the din of a brand-soaked age.
  25. appetite
    More Proof That Gluttony (and Restraint) Are ContagiousA new rundown of studies shows that your best bet for eating less may be to dine with friends who can control themselves.
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    French-Sounding Brands Were Punished Post-9/11Not necessarily the proudest moment in American history.
  27. gender
    Why Men Used to Be Scared of Shopping CartsIt takes people a while to adjust to new technology, even when it’s not particularly sexy.
  28. consumer psychology
    Socially Anxious People May Avoid Prestigious BrandsThis all sounds pretty exhausting.
  29. happiness
    Money Makes You Less Sad, But Not More HappyIt makes sense, when you think about it.
  30. consumer psychology
    Sometimes Retail Therapy Only Makes You Feel Like More of a FailureIt may cause you to dwell on the very thing you were trying to get over. 
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    When It Comes to Making Choices, Ignorance Really Can Be BlissThe more expertise you think you have, the more likely you are to regret your choice.
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    How to Rip Off Recession-Scarred College KidsA company called Vemma is taking a lot of vulnerable kids’ money.
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    You’ll Betray Your Favorite Brand Pretty EasilyExperimental evidence for #brand #disloyalty.
  34. gender
    Yes, Men Fake It When They Look at ArtBut it could be because we teach them to.
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    3 Ways Real Estate Messes With Your HeadBidding wars and other examples of real-estate quirkiness, explained.
  36. consumer psychology
    Do Brands Make People Less Religious?Some weird new study results.
  37. transportation
    Driving Is Slowly Destroying EverythingWe really gotta cut back as a species, guys.
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    Why Japanese People Aren’t Grossed Out by That Black Burger King BurgerThe color has a much different cultural meaning over there.