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Cool Girls

  1. red carpet official
    Your New Favorite Couple Made Their Red Carpet DebutKristen Stewart and St. Vincent are legit.
  2. representation matters
    7-Year-Old Publishes Book About Black PrincessesShe was frustrated with the abundance of “vanilla” princesses.
  3. teigen time
    Chrissy Teigen on Hair, Cheese Wheels, and Cool Girls“What ends up happening to the cool girl is that there’s this backlash, like they’re trying too hard.”
  4. short stories
    One Night in the Life of a Cool GirlWhat’s she up to now? A consumer report.
  5. cool girls
    Chrissy Teigen Is the Queen of the ‘Cool Girls’The supermodel embodies the Gone Girl archetype.
  6. cool girls
    Alexa Chung to Make ‘It’-Girl-Friendly JeansManic-pixie-dream denim.
  7. paris blog
    Meet Chic Fille, the New French Magazine for ‘Cool Girls’“A journal for women with a good spirit.”
  8. mating habits
    Sneaking In (or Out) a Relationship’s Back Door“I shut down my OkCupid profile,” she said. “We never defined the relationship,” he said.
  9. quotables
    Chloë Sevigny Wants You to Know She’s Still CoolWe know. WE KNOW.