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Cool Pope Francis

  1. marriage
    The Pope Threw a Surprise Wedding on a PlaneHe married two flight attendants mid-air.
  2. hotshot
    The Pope Takes a Literal Circus in StrideMay we all handle 2018 with the calm grace of Pope Francis.
  3. hot shot
    The Pope Celebrated His Birthday With a Giant PizzaHe blew out a single candle in the middle.
  4. hot shot
    Here’s Pope Francis Blessing a LamborghiniHoly, holy, holy.
  5. religion
    Pope Francis Tells Everyone to Chill Out With the Cell-Phone Pics During MassHe even called out priests and bishops.
  6. religion
    Pope Francis Is Planning to Weigh in on Fake NewsIl Papa wants to “promote professional journalism, which always seeks the truth.”
  7. the people’s pope
    Pope Francis Does Not Have Time for Climate-Change Deniers“Man is stupid.”