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Copy Cats

  1. monkey see
    Instagram Influencers Accuse American Brand of Copying Korean Nail ArtistAimee Song, Irene Kim, and Diet Prada weigh in.
  2. copycats
    Steve Madden Sued by Sustainable Start-upSteve Madden allegedly copied its fabric sneaker.
  3. Kim Kardashian’s Kids Line Says Label’s ‘Copies’ Are Merely ‘Homages’Drama for those who buy their kids designer clothes.
  4. copycats
    Victoria’s Secret Apparently Ripped Off a Major Makeup ArtistSo many sequins.
  5. copycats
    This Model Has Been Accused of Copying Her Swim DesignsShe’s been sent a cease-and-desist letter from another label.
  6. Canadian Hockey Fans Say Versace Copied Their Old LogoCould Donatella Versace be a Vancouver Canucks fan?
  7. copycats
    Another Designer Accused of Stealing IdeasThis time from fine art.
  8. Alexander Wang Isn’t Hiding What He Thinks of the Plein Sport CollectionThe designer shared a meme and video on Instagram highlighting some striking similarities between the two runway shows.
  9. in(sole) fighting
    All Your Favorite Brands Are Fighting [Updated] Shoe wars!
  10. copy cats
    The Museum at FIT’s New Exhibit Is All About KnockoffsWith its new show “Faking It,” the Museum at FIT explores the history of counterfeits. 
  11. alleged copycats
    Chanel Won’t Produce Its Chunky Crystal Bracelets This SeasonThey were deemed too similar to jewelry designed by Pamela Love.
  12. make it work
    Irina’s Project Runway Shirt Knocks Us OffShe really, really loves our “Reasons to Love New York.”