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  1. copyfights
    Tory Burch Won $164 Million in a Lawsuit Against CounterfeitersThis is one of the largest sums ever awarded in a lawsuit of this nature.
  2. copyfights
    Copyright Protection for Fashion Design Comes One Step Closer to Becoming LawA bill that would protect high-fashion designers from knockoffs passed unanimously in the Senate Judiciary Committee today.
  3. copyfights
    Marc Jacobs Sues Christian AudigierFor copyright infringement, not because his clothes are ugly.
  4. Paris Hilton Sued for Copyright Infringement and We’re Forced to Take Her SideCan you really sue over insoles?
  5. copyfights
    Court Throws Out Small-Town Seamstress’s $3.7 Million Forgery Suit Against ChanelThe seamstress is actually fairly pleased with the outcome.
  6. copyfights
    Smalltown Seamstress’s $3.7 Million Lawsuit Against Chanel Goes to CourtAnd her business is suffering as a result.
  7. copyfights
    Trovata’s Suit Against Forever 21 Ultimately Has No Effect on Knockoff RegulationsTrovata gave up the two-year legal battle that could have resulted in a landmark verdict.
  8. DVF Settles With Mercy of Canada Over CopyrightThe matter of the floral jacket is officially over.
  9. copyfights
    Mistrial Declared in Forever 21 Trovata CaseSo much for that landmark legislation about copyrighting clothing designs.
  10. copyfights
    Jury Deadlocked in Forever 21 Knockoff CaseThey might not even understand what the case is all about.
  11. copyfights
    Forever 21: You’d Need a Telescope to See What Trovata Thinks We CopiedWell, not really — but it’s up to a jury to decide.
  12. copyfights
    Forever 21 Founder Doesn’t Know Much About Her CompanyLike how they gross over $1.5 billion annually? Yeah, she’s unaware.
  13. copyfights
    Trovata Fights Forever 21 With Music, Forever 21 Fights Back With Apple CobblerThe landmark trial over fast-fashion knockoffs has begun.
  14. copyfights
    Maria Cornejo Lobbies for Copyright Protection, Might Want a Diffusion LineThe designer blogs about her recent trip to Washington, D.C., with Jason Wu, Narciso Rodriguez, and Thakoon Panichgul.
  15. copyfights
    Michael Kors Embroiled in Trademark-Infringement SuitHis resort collection was inspired by Tony Duquette, but the Duquette brand thinks he took it a little too far.
  16. copyfights
    Are Reverend Run’s Daughters Knocking Off a Homegrown T-Shirt Company?The designer of Johnny Cupcakes thinks tees from their Pastry line are suspiciously similar to his.
  17. Victoria’s Secret and Phat Farm Settle Trademark DisputePhat Fashions sued the lingerie giant in March since the logo for Victoria’s Secret’s Pink line was too close to theirs for comfort.