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Corey Lewandowski

  1. Corey Lewandowski Mocks 10-Year-Old Girl Torn From Mom: ‘Womp Womp’Trump’s former campaign manager has refused to apologize for his comments about an undocumented child with Down syndrome.
  2. sexual assault
    A Trump-Supporting Singer Filed an Assault Complaint Against Corey LewandowskiShe claims that Trump’s former campaign manager slapped her butt twice at a holiday party.
  3. more sexual harassment allegations
    Trump-Supporting Singer Accuses Corey Lewandowski of Slapping Her Butt“I told him to stop, and then he did it again.”
  4. i’m lovin’ it
    We Finally Know What Trump’s Usual McDonald’s Order IsNo fries?
  5. politics
    How Many Times Can Trump’s Old Campaign Manager Compliment Melania in One Clip?He called her “incredibly beautiful” three times in 43 seconds.
  6. megyn kelly
    Megyn Kelly Slams CNN for Hiring Corey LewandowskiThe Fox News anchor spoke out about the former Trump campaign manager’s new job.