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  1. spring fashion issue
    The Complicated Popularity of CorsetsThe highly loaded garment is making a comeback.
  2. fall fashion
    17 Fall Trends to Know NowThe clothes of the moment — and their pasts. 
  3. gallery
    How Rarefied Is Haute Couture, Anyway?Couture and ready-made clothing collide in the book Haute-à-Porter.
  4. pain and suffering
    So, Is Shapewear Going to Kill Us All or What?“Ominous tingling,” acid reflux, and more!
  5. experiments
    I Attempted to Train My Waist With a CorsetJust like a Kardashian.
  6. look of the day
    Irina Shayk Wore a Chartreuse Versace HoodAnd a bedazzled corset.
  7. first looks
    Oprah’s Corset-Maker Tries Her Hand at HistoryCamilla Huey created handmade corset sculptures inspired by the women in Aaron Burr’s life.
  8. heaving bosoms
    Twenty-Five Period Dramas That Make Us Want to Wear CorsetsThey call them bodice-rippers for a reason.
  9. highly uncomfortable things
    Girdles Are Experiencing a Resurgence in Queens, ApparentlyThese aren’t your average control-top underwear.