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  1. fashion
    How Do You Make a Corset That Celebrates Bigger Bodies?Corset contortionist Michaela Stark aims to celebrate curves, rather than snatching them in, with her first collection.
  2. the object of our affection
    I’m Ready to Dress Uncomfortably AgainSo tie me up in a corset.
  3. spring fashion issue
    The Complicated Popularity of CorsetsThe highly loaded garment is making a comeback.
  4. fall fashion
    17 Fall Trends to Know NowThe clothes of the moment — and their pasts. 
  5. gallery
    How Rarefied Is Haute Couture, Anyway?Couture and ready-made clothing collide in the book Haute-à-Porter.
  6. pain and suffering
    So, Is Shapewear Going to Kill Us All or What?“Ominous tingling,” acid reflux, and more!
  7. experiments
    I Attempted to Train My Waist With a CorsetJust like a Kardashian.
  8. look of the day
    Irina Shayk Wore a Chartreuse Versace HoodAnd a bedazzled corset.
  9. first looks
    Oprah’s Corset-Maker Tries Her Hand at HistoryCamilla Huey created handmade corset sculptures inspired by the women in Aaron Burr’s life.
  10. heaving bosoms
    Twenty-Five Period Dramas That Make Us Want to Wear CorsetsThey call them bodice-rippers for a reason.
  11. highly uncomfortable things
    Girdles Are Experiencing a Resurgence in Queens, ApparentlyThese aren’t your average control-top underwear.