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  1. the ball
    Does the Celebrity-Driven Met Gala Make the Museum Lowbrow?Author Michael Gross says yes, because it’s fluffy, and good art goes unnoticed.
  2. muses
    Marc Jacobs Assesses Kate MossOn the time she walked in his seminal Perry Ellis grunge collection.
  3. loose threads
    Christy Turlington Is Just Like Us; Drive in HermèsAnd guess who’s narrating the new Costume Institute exhibit?
  4. loose threads
    If You Want to Buy Cavalli, You’ll Have to Take Roberto With ItRoberto Cavalli might sell his company, Sean Avery will attend tonight’s CFDA Awards, and Tommy Hilfiger reveals wedding details.
  5. run through
    A Video Tour of the Costume Institute’s ‘Superheroes’ ExhibitThe Costume Institute’s new “Superheroes” exhibit has some pretty rad costumes and dresses. See them up close in our new video.
  6. new york fugging city
    The Fug Awards: The Best and Worst of the Costume Institute GalaThe Met’s Costume Institute ball is arguably better than Oscar night: more fabulous fashion, more varied celebs, and more drama. The only thing that’s been missing is the awards — till now!
  7. loose threads
    Ralph Rucci Takes Top Prize; Karl Lagerfeld Inspires HimselfRucci nabbed the fashion prize in the American Design Awards, Karl Lagerfeld was his own muse for his new handbag line, and Beyoncé proved people don’t really eat dinner at the Met gala.
  8. party lines
    Video: Red-Carpet Superheroes at the Met GalaJada Yuan hit the red carpet, camera in tow, so that we might share with you the sparkly mêlée.
  9. run through
    Gareth Pugh Has Arrived, and He’s Throwing a Dance PartyIt’s at the Tribeca Grand tomorrow and the MisShapes will spin, so Febreeze your good pair of skinny jeans tonight!
  10. dress code
    Previewing the Costume Institute’s Superheroes ExhibitWe’re checking out the superhero-inspired looks to be unveiled at the Costume Institute, plus figuring out the whole comic connection.
  11. run through
    How Superheroes Have Influenced FashionWe got so caught up thinking about the Costume Institute gala and its red carpet, we almost forgot that it’s honoring a new exhibit about superheroes.
  12. loose threads
    Nina Garcia Likely to Return to ‘Project Runway’; Naomi Campbell LiesHarvey Weinstein is determined to have Nina Garcia back to judge ‘Project Runway,’ Naomi Campbell says she refuses to fly British Airways, and Italy banned a Tom Ford ad!
  13. run through
    Amy Winehouse, Amusement Axed From Met GalaOrganizers of the Costume Institute’s annual spring gala hosted by Anna Wintour have stopped an Amy Winehouse performance for this year. It’s probably because she really does need rehab.
  14. run through
    Amy Winehouse to Perform at Wintour’s Big Gala?Amy Winehouse may perform at the Met’s Annual Costume Institute Gala on May 5. A rep from the Metropolitan Museum of Art confirmed that Winehouse is one of a number of guests being considered for the slot.
  15. cult of personality
    Are Anna Wintour and Europe Slowly Going to War?You know what? We’re just going to go ahead and say it: Clearly some Europeans are hinting at war with Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Yesterday we learned Giorgio Armani said he was “indifferent” to her Bobness while he was standing onstage right next to her during a press conference for the Costume Institute Gala’s “Superheroes” exhibit.
  16. cult of personality
    Armani Talks Smack About Wintour in Her Presence!What, exactly, is Giorgio Armani’s problem this week? First he bans Cathy Horyn from his show in Milan, and then, this morning, he let his mouth run astray about Anna Wintour.
  17. cult of personality
    Anna Wintour Continues to Wear This One Prada DressThis morning in Milan, the Met’s Costume Institute held a press conference on its upcoming … oh, whatever, doesn’t matter, it’s something about superheroes. What matters is that Her Vogueness Anna Wintour attended, wearing the bright little Prada number pictured above. Cute, but is that not the exact same Prada dress she wore twice in weeks past at Armani Privé and Peter Som? Why, yes, yes, it is. If it works for Anna, then we suppose Anna can work it all she wants.