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  1. psa
    Bad News About Your Tote BagsTurns out the “ecofriendly” option is actually an environmental scourge.
  2. slow space fashion
    What Kind of Moon Clothes Are We Growing?The first plants grown on the moon have begun to sprout.
  3. best bets
    A Comfortable Bra for Under a White TeeBasic, in a good way.
  4. obituary
    Ruth Benerito, an Inventor of Wrinkle-Free Cotton, Dies at 97You have Ruth Benerito to thank for all the ironing you don’t do.
  5. cotton or nothing
    A Nude Mannequin Protest Is Happening at NYFWThey want cotton or nothing.
  6. loose threads
    Neiman Marcus’s $125,000 Bookcase Sold Well; Sally Singer Gifts Bundt Cake PansPlus, Juicy Couture’s new look book and more.
  7. loose threads
    The Times Profiles the Man Repeller; These Blue Rabbit-Fur Cuffs Are Now on Sale for Only $291!Also, the wholesale price of men’s suits has gone up $10 to $20, and puffy jackets have taken over New York City.
  8. cotton tales
    Rising Cotton Prices Won’t Make Undies More Expensive After AllYour panties are safe for now, it seems.
  9. cotton tales
    Those Hanes Cotton Undies Are About to Get a Lot More ExpensiveThe price of cotton has risen almost 80 percent since July.