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  1. Luxury Labels Are Sticking Microchips Inside Your ClothesOne small step towards a knockoff-free world.
  2. mimicry
    Inside Paris’s Bizarre Counterfeit MuseumThere’s even some “Christen Diar.”
  3. fashion hoaxes
    Armani Diapers Are Not Actually a Real ThingIs this the new Prada Marfa?
  4. knockoffs
    Tory Burch Sues Another Company for Copying HerBluebell Accessories allegedly knocked off her “T” logo.
  5. knockoffs
    You Can Forget About Getting That Fake Birkin for ChristmasNo faux-Coach stocking stuffers either.
  6. faking it
    Los Angelenos Denied 20,000 Pairs of Fake LouboutinsIf a lot of customs officials start wearing red-soled shoes to work, you’ll know why.