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Court Cases

  1. lawsuits
    Gwyneth Paltrow Claims Victory in Ski CourtThe jury deemed Sanderson “100 percent” at fault for colliding with the actor on a Deer Valley slope seven years ago.
  2. not cool
    Johnny Depp Stans Are Now Attacking a Court PsychologistHell hath no fury like the fandom of a man accused of domestic violence.
  3. *bangs gavel*
    Cat Court Is Now in SessionThe jury must decide: Human attorney bamboozled by Zoom filter, or cat masquerading as man in order to practice law?
  4. expensive engagement rings
    Judge Orders Woman to Return $40,000 Engagement Ring to Ex-FiancéShe has 45 days to give back the ring, or pay her ex the full amount.
  5. death threats
    Miranda Kerr’s Stalker Made Plans to Kill HerThis is from a man who calls her his “soul mate.”