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    Anna Delvey Wants to Make a Plea DealThe scammer wore her Céline glasses to court.
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    The Courthouse Scene at Harvey Weinstein’s ArraignmentHe was quiet but apparently undaunted.
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    Sentenced to Life in Prison, the Nanny Sobs (for Herself)The parents and judge excoriated a “remorseless” killer.
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    The Jury and the Family Speak Out As the Nanny Trial Ends“These jurors went through hell.”
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    Video Shows Nanny in Murder Trial Denying HallucinationsForensic psychiatrists disagree on whether Yoselyn Ortega was capable of psychosis and dissociation.
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    The Other Family at the Nanny TrialWhat happens when someone you love kills two children.
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    A Crucial Question at the Nanny Trial: Is She Faking Her Hallucinations?The court tries to figure out whether Yoselyn Ortega really heard the Devil.
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    What’s Left to Learn From the Horror of the Nanny Trial?Today, the court heard how Yoselyn Ortega turned the knife on herself.
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    Nanny’s Sister Describes Phone Call: ‘It Was Not Her, It Was a Demon’She asked why the Krims didn’t stop Yoselyn Ortega, prompting gasps in the courtroom.
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    The Nanny Murder Trial Is Impossible to Watch and Impossible to Look Away FromThe brutal story has tapped into a host of New York anxieties.
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    For the First Time, the Nanny Cries at her Murder TrialShe broke down amid the testimony of a psychiatrist who treated her after the crime.
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    Nanny Murder Trial: A Father Describes the Day His Children DiedHe was on a flight back from California, and landed to find a flood of messages.
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    A Therapist Who Saw the Nanny Just Before the Murders TestifiesShe complained of anxiety, a racing heart, and financial stress.
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    The Nanny Trial in Photos: Violence, Horror, and FamilyFrom crime-scene photos to mommy blogging, the case in images.
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    First Responders Tell the Court What They Saw on the Day of the Nanny Murders“Whatever is behind that door is pure evil.”
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    ‘You’re Evil and You’re Getting Pleasure From This’: Nanny Trial TestimonyMarina Krim finished her testimony at her former nanny’s murder trial with an outpouring.