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  1. things are looking upton
    Kate Upton, Crop Top Get Another Vogue CoverThis is a newish look for her.
  2. quotables
    Melissa McCarthy Used to Worry About Her Weight“At 20 you don’t have any responsibilities, so of course you’re a shallow narcissist.”
  3. cover girls
    Katy Perry’s First Vogue Cover Leaked EarlyHappy Friday!
  4. cover girls
    Rebel Wilson Gets Her First Fashion CoverBubbles all around!
  5. cover girls
    Gisele Gets a Vampire Facial, Butt-Cupping in Italian VogueShot by Steven Meisel.
  6. weirdos we love
    Helena Bonham Carter’s Vogue Cover Is DivineShe talks about Johnny Depp!
  7. things are looking upton
    Kate Upton ‘Not Thrilled’ That Victoria’s Secret Reused Her PicturePeace offering rejected.
  8. pregnant models
    See Gisele’s First Post-Baby-Vivian Vogue CoverShe looks oily and flat-tummied.
  9. things are looking upton
    Victoria’s Secret Has Change of Heart About Kate Upton [Updated]She’s back in their catalogue.
  10. party chat
    Deborah Needleman Encounters Cover Model Outcry“She’s a little bit skinny.”
  11. faces of things
    Christy Turlington’s Calvin Klein Underwear ComebackHer husband keeps a poster of her earlier Calvin Klein underwear campaign on the back of his bathroom door.
  12. things are looking upton
    Vogue Wants You to Know Kate Upton Is Not FatShe’s on their June cover.
  13. ins and outs
    Coach’s PR Exec Quits to Work on New Food MagazineAny excuse to post more pictures of Karlie Kloss with cookie dough!
  14. first looks
    Miss Vogue’s Debut Stars the Ubiquitous Cara DelevingneSurprise, surprise.
  15. cover girls
    Let’s Put Rita Ora on More Magazine CoversHer new Elle spread is fabulous.
  16. cover girls
    Tilda Swinton One-ups Sunscreen With Veil, GlovesHer skin looks amazing.
  17. cover girls
    Amanda Seyfried’s Publicist Saved Her From a Nude ShootBut why?
  18. cover girls
    Carey Mulligan Finally Got Her Vogue Cover for GatsbyThis was a long time coming.
  19. cover girls
    Karlie Kloss Tries on Gatsby CostumesShe looks great.
  20. not slash jobs
    Adele Has Lots of Money Despite Lack of Beauty, Fashion LinesIn fact, she’s the England’s “richest young musician.”
  21. gooped
    Gwyneth Paltrow Allows Herself One Cigarette Per WeekBut no Botox.
  22. cover girls
    Taylor Swift Deprived of Eyeliner, TemporarilyBig steps!
  23. i’m a i’m a a diva
    Beyoncé’s Leaked British Vogue Cover Now a RealitySequins, crop top, abs: check, check, check.
  24. i’m a i’m a a diva
    This Could Be Beyoncé’s New British Vogue CoverFor May?
  25. things are looking upton
    Kate Upton Has ‘No Idea’ About That June Vogue Cover“It’s easier to deal with my schedule just one day at a time.”
  26. things are looking upton
    Kate Upton Will Obviously Go to That Kid’s PromMost predictable PR move ever.
  27. mobama watch
    President Likens MObama to Beyoncé in VogueThey also discuss being not a First Family, but a family, first.
  28. flops
    Taylor Swift Just Can’t Sell Magazines, Okay?Albums do not translate into newsstand sales, apparently.
  29. mobama watch
    Reports: Michelle Obama Wears Reed Krakoff for Vogue CoverAny minute now!
  30. cover girls
    Tina Turner Is Vogue’s New Oldest Cover GirlSurpassing Meryl Streep by eleven years.
  31. her mossness
    Rumor About Kate Moss for Playboy Makes the RoundsDespite its dubious source.
  32. things are looking upton
    Kate Upton’s Look-alike Is Not Really a Mail-order BrideBut she is “getting a lot of marriage proposals.”
  33. cover girls
    Oh, Fine, Look at Rihanna and Kate Moss Naked TogetherIt was inevitable, really.
  34. cover girls
    Taylor Swift Makes Up for CBS’s Underboob Ban on Her New Elle CoverIn her partly sheer Louis Vuitton dress.
  35. i’m a i’m a a diva
    Beyoncé in Vogue: Still Addressing Surrogacy Rumors“Who even thinks that?”
  36. cover girls
    Beyoncé’s March Vogue Cover Leaked; She’s in GivenchyThe headline calls her “Queen B!” — with an exclamation point.
  37. things are looking upton
    Kate Upton Lands the 2013 Sports Illustrated CoverIt’s a photo from that Antarctic shoot. No Oreos in sight, though.
  38. cover girls
    Deborah Needleman Puts Lee Radziwill on Her Debut T Cover“We’re post-race, post-feminist, but I feel like we’re not quite post-age.” 
  39. mobama watch
    MObama Could Be Shooting a Vogue Cover Right NowWith Annie Leibovitz at the White House?
  40. cover girls
    Rooney Mara: ‘I Didn’t Try to Be a Style Icon’Red carpets are “a panic attack waiting to happen.”
  41. this is the story of the hurricane
    Kati Nescher Braved Sandy to Cover British VogueThe things she’ll do for you.
  42. cover girls
    Emma Stone Will Never Wear Pajama Pants, Glitter“If I could wear those things and not look like Dakota Fanning when she was eight, maybe.”
  43. divas
    J. Lo Gets Her Hands on Anne Hathaway’s Strappy BootsOn the February cover of Harper’s Bazaar.
  44. cover girls
    Fei Fei Sun for Vogue Italia’s January Issue“Asian girls have a classy and special beauty.”
  45. things are looking upton
    Kate Upton’s Latest Shoot: Oreos, Sports Illustrated?It took place in Antarctica.
  46. cover girls
    Saint Laurent Makes Its Second January Vogue CoverLara Stone in repose.
  47. cover girls
    See Jessica Chastain’s Four Gorgeous W CoversRendered by artists George Condo, Rineke Dijkstra, Chantal Joffe, and Mickalene Thomas. 
  48. things are looking upton
    Kate Upton Has Trouble Fitting Into Sample Sizes“It’s complicated for a model with boobs!”
  49. things are looking upton
    Kate Upton Cleavage-Free on British Vogue Cover“She’s hardly a heffalump,” says editor Alexandra Shulman.
  50. cover girls
    Well, You Can’t Spell Spider Without i-DCara Delevingne fell for that old line.
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