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  1. new faces of things
    This Iconic ’90s Model Is BackNiki Taylor returns to her CoverGirl roots.
  2. so fresh and so clean
    Covergirl Just Launched a Clean CollectionEasy, breezy, beautiful, talc- and paraben-free.
  3. new faces of things
    Lili Reinhart’s Face Has a New JobIt’s equal parts easy, breezy, and beautiful.
  4. we tried this
    My 24-Hour Investigation Into CoverGirl’s 24-Hour MascaraI didn’t wash my face before bed, for journalism.
  5. best bets
    Artisan Home Objects, Rare Cookbooks, and CoverGirl’s First StoreWhat’s new in New York stores.
  6. store openings
    CoverGirl’s First Store Finally Opens This WeekIt’s a Black Friday miracle.
  7. let’s makeup
    This New Mascara Is IntenseThis time … with intensity.
  8. cruelty-free cosmetics
    CoverGirl Is Now Officially Cruelty FreeBut what does that actually mean?
  9. the beauty of it all
    Ukonwa Ojo Wants Beauty to Be More EmpatheticTalking to the marketing mastermind behind the billion-dollar CoverGirl.
  10. setting up shop
    CoverGirl Will Open Its First Store in Times SquareEasy, breezy shopping.
  11. let’s makeup
    CoverGirl Launches New Foundation Line With 40 ShadesThe Fenty Beauty effect is still in full swing.
  12. everything guide
    What’s in Your Mascara?No rainbows, just science.
  13. let’s makeup
    CoverGirl’s New Mascaras Condition and Thicken LashesTwo products that work hand in hand.
  14. everything guide
    What’s the Right Mascara for Your Lash Type?Short, curly, or straight and down-turned?
  15. let’s makeup
    Covergirl Launched a Partnership With Girls Who CodeAnd gave the organization a sizable donation.
  16. lip service
    CoverGirl’s New Lip Glosses Really SparkleUlta Beauty will stock the eight limited-edition shades.
  17. new faces of things
    Meet CoverGirl’s First Model With VitiligoAmy Deanna stars in a foundation ad.
  18. q&a
    Ayesha Curry’s Most Important Hair-Care Purchase Costs $7She uses it with a toothbrush.
  19. let’s makeup
    9 Brands With Diverse Foundation RangesFenty Beauty is great, but what else?
  20. lip service
    Watch Katy Perry’s Newest Cat-Inspired Lip Gloss VideoFeline and looking good.
  21. cover girl
    Here Are the Absolute Best Undereye ConcealersFake a full night’s sleep in ten seconds.
  22. new faces of things
    Watch Issa Rae Glow and Deliver Her Best Pick-Up Lines for CoverGirlMalibu, she looks great.
  23. older and wiser
    CoverGirl’s First 69-Year-Old Spokesmodel on Defying AgeismMaye Musk, Elon Musk’s mother, says life actually gets easier when you’re older.
  24. let’s makeup
    Watch Issa Rae and Ayesha Curry in Their First CoverGirl AdMaye Musk, Katy Perry, Massy Arias, and Shelina Moreda also star.
  25. beauty
    Elon Musk’s 69-Year-Old Mom Is CoverGirl’s New FaceMaye Musk has a new job.
  26. faces of things
    Ayesha Curry’s Face Has a New JobEasy, breezy, beautiful.
  27. faces of things
    Issa Rae Is the New Face of CoverGirlAwkward? Insecure? Ha!
  28. beauty beefs
    CoverGirl Is Pissed About Young Thug’s Violent Easy Breezy VideoThe title was a little too on-the-nose.
  29. cut cover story
    Lele Pons Is One Fart Joke Away From World DominationA day in the life of YouTube’s reigning teen queen.
  30. q&a
    It’s Really Important to Janelle Monáe That She Deals With HerselfThe musician-cum-actress talks to the Cut.
  31. Katy Perry Wants You to Get Your Mermaid Makeup OnHer limited edition line will be a little seapunk-lite.
  32. why
    CoverGirl’s First Spokesman Jokes About Africa Having EbolaViruses and misinformation are hilarious.
  33. cover girl
    March’s French Vogue Features Its First Transgender Cover ModelValentina Sampaio appears on the cover and in a spring fashion story.
  34. Meet Instagram Sensation and CoverGirl’s First Male Spokesmodel, James CharlesThe first-ever CoverBoy, if you will.
  35. new faces of things
    This Teen’s Senior Portrait Makeup Was So Flawless He’s Now a Cover Girl ModelMeet James Charles.
  36. dystopian knitwear
    Good News: Rihanna Survived the Apocalypse, and She Looks GreatShe stars in a dystopian portfolio for W.
  37. makeup wars
    Hard Candy Sues Katy Perry’s Makeup Venture Over a HeartLife’s tough. Buckle up.
  38. 5 new things
    The 5 Best Beauty Drugstore Buys for MayIncluding a matte-yet-moisturizing lipstick and lightweight sunscreen that won’t cake.
  39. now try this
    Katy Perry’s Lipsticks Won’t Make Your Face Look Like a ButtIt’s special that way.
  40. new faces of things
    Zendaya Nabbed a CoverGirl ContractNaturally.
  41. hot shot
    Even Barbie Wants Kim Kardashian’s Makeup ArtistLife in plastic, it’s fantastic.
  42. wellness theories
    Soledad O’Brien on Wellness and Early Mornings“I was in the office by three and would have two shots of espresso and a king-size Snickers bar.”
  43. cover girl
    Cara Delevingne Says Modeling Is ‘The Opposite of Real’The newly minted actress opens up in a Vogue cover story this month.
  44. don’t bat a lash
    3 New, Great Drugstore Mascaras Under $15CVS’s hidden gems. 
  45. wave a stick at it
    7 Pretty Taupe Shadows to Brighten Your EyesTaupe doesn’t have to be boring.
  46. obsessive tester
    How to Stop Your Face From Shining Without Using PowderBecause mature and ma-ture are two very different things.
  47. beauty
    The 48 Best Cult and Classic Lip Shades of All TimeThe ultimate list for lip obsessives.
  48. cheap thrills
    The 9 Best Drugstore Finds for Lashes and LipsTwo-dollar Popsicle lips and more. 
  49. o no
    Will Oprah Retire As Perpetual Cover Girl of O?Please, nO.
  50. cover girl
    Hey, Girl: Lena Dunham’s Vogue Cover Is HereOur quick take. 
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