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  1. style
    Michelle Obama Knit a Bunch of Halter Tops in QuarantineGoing-out tops for everyone!
  2. excellent ideas
    This Craft Project Can Help You Escape Pesky ZoomsSick of video chatting? I know someone who isn’t.
  3. science of us
    If Only Using the Computer Counted As HandworkMaking things by hand is peaceful and mind-opening. Why doesn’t typing count?
  4. power
    Knitting Site Bans the Support of Donald TrumpRavelry binds off on the president.
  5. bong watch
    Miley’s Crafts: Just in Service of a 5-Foot-Tall BongIt’s “almost” complete. 
  6. oh she’s just being miley
    Miley Cyrus Found Her Calling, and It’s Gluing StuffA turnt-up soul turns to glitter glue.
  7. style tribes
    Style Tribe: Cat Lady Craft NightMeow mix, nail art, and one cat man.
  8. paperwork
    Cute Mom-Daughter Pair Make Cute Paper Dresses A paper Lupita dress.
  9. plastic dresses
    Allison Williams Discusses That Sweaty Plastic Dress From GirlsShe also does a craft project.