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  1. craigslist
    This Gorgeous Craigslist Pig Couch Deserves BetterHere’s the true story behind this arresting piece of furniture.
  2. missed connections
    5 New Yorkers on Their Experiences With Craigslist’s Missed ConnectionsRIP, the site’s best section.
  3. missed connections
    Craigslist’s Legendary Personals Section Shuts DownA bill focused on sex-trafficking online left the site little choice.
  4. sex
    People Are Really Desperate to Have Eclipse Sex“I don’t want to go blind. So let’s spend the few hours getting our freak on.”
  5. my two cents
    Is My Old Stuff Worth Selling Online?A guide to making cash while getting rid of old crap.
  6. breakups
    Woman Slams Corporate Lawyer Ex in a Craigslist Blender AdProof that not even a Vitamix can bring happiness.
  7. online harassment
    That Viral Feminist-Tutor Ad Was a Scary HoaxWell, that certainly took a turn.
  8. chump change
    It’s Worth $900 to See Lena Dunham’s Book Tour?At least someone on Craigslist thinks so.
  9. an offer of employment
    Inspiring Craigslist Ad Will Improve All Bachelorette PartiesA Craigslist advertisement calls for a skillful, hot butler. 
  10. near-substitute professions
    Woman Realizes Her Life’s Passion Is Bridesmaiding, Takes Out Craigslist AdAn entrepreneur offers her bridesmaid services on Craigslist. 
  11. imagined missed connections
    Street Style As Imagined Missed Connections on CraigslistHelping the fashion world find love on Valentine’s Day. 
  12. procrastination
    A Q&A With Craigslist’s Best RummagerOne woman’s procrastination aids your Craiglist hunting.
  13. two ships puking in the night
    The Best and Worst Craigslist Missed Connections From New Year’s EveGood luck tracking down your mystery midnight make out.
  14. true story
    I Got a Boyfriend on Craigslist Missed ConnectionsAnother reason to love New York: You can be socially incompetent and still find a date.
  15. please stop thinking these thoughts
    Lena Dunham Fan Fiction SurfacesIt’s the stuff of poorly written sexual fantasy.
  16. mothers
    Mom Tries to Get Her Son Laid With Craigslist AdJust helping him lose his virginity before college.
  17. loose threads
    Erin Wasson Hearts J.Crew; Pretzel Chips Kills Anorexia AdsPlus, Christian Siriano’s Craigslist imposter!