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Crazy Cat Ladies

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    Kate McKinnon Is Repping for Crazy Cat LadiesThere’s nothing to be ashamed of.
  2. crazy cat ladies
    You Can Buy United Bamboo’s Cat Dresses at Opening Ceremony for $500The cute is worth every bit of the price tag.
  3. crazy cat ladies
    We Hope Jean Paul Gaultier Isn’t Joking About His ‘Cats and Corsets’ CollectionAlthough the one time he put his own cat in a corset, it fell over.
  4. crazy cat ladies
    The Cat Version of the Sartorialist Is GeniusIt’s called the Catorialist.
  5. crazy cat ladies
    Do People Really Want to Wear Cats?In an online poll, 54 percent say yes.
  6. crazy cat ladies
    More Proof Cats Are In: United Bamboo’s Cat CalendarKitties in runway looks, people.
  7. crazy cat ladies
    Cats Are In!YES! Cats!! At Miu Miu!