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Crazy Ex Girlfriend

  1. the cut podcast
    In Her Shoes: Rachel BloomStella Bugbee talks to Rachel Bloom about living life as a musical and surviving in a writers’ room for the Cut’s limited-series podcast.
  2. celebrity
    Here’s How Much Rachel Bloom Spends on Non-Sample-Size Dresses for Events“A lot of fashion houses are reluctant to lend clothes that aren’t in the sample sizes of 0 and 2.”
  3. What TV Is Getting Wrong (and Right) About Abortion▶️ Across all cable-news programs, 64 percent of segments on abortion contained inaccurate information.
  4. roll clip!
    Rachel Bloom Trips Out, Becomes a Heart-Eating Dinosaur in This ClipHallucinogens are a helluva drug.
  5. old lady problems
    Rachel Bloom Reveals Completely Reasonable ‘Old Lady Problem’She also hates yelling over music at social events.
  6. perfect 10
    Trying to Be Too Perfect Can Make You DepressedRebecca Bunch’s struggle is real.
  7. How Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Illustrates the Psychology of Romantic Obsession“It’s over-the-top, because there’s song and dance and magical realism. But, I don’t know — a lot of it doesn’t seem that far-fetched to me.”