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Criminal Justice

  1. power
    Police Shot a 13-Year-Old Boy With Autism After His Mother Called 911The child is currently hospitalized with serious injuries.
  2. politics
    What Are Kamala Harris’s Policies?Where she stands on health care, racial justice, policing, and more.
  3. crime
    Everything We Know About the Killing of George FloydNewly released body cam footage suggests the officers involved adopted an aggressive stance from the outset.
  4. power
    What Exactly Does It Mean to Defund the Police?A comprehensive guide.
  5. protest
    Protests Erupt over George Floyd’s Death in Police CustodyHundreds of people took to the streets; police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.
  6. mass incarceration
    Pregnant Woman Held in Coronavirus-Ridden Jail Over Traffic ViolationsDiamond Davis was pulled over for driving with temporary plates, then had to spend the night in jail during a coronavirus outbreak.
  7. celebrity
    Here’s a First Look at Kim Kardashian’s Prison-Reform Documentary“I went into this knowing nothing, and then my heart completely opened up.”
  8. politics
    Ilhan Omar Urges Compassion for the Man Who Threatened to Kill Her“Who are we as a nation if we respond to threats of political retribution with retribution ourselves?”
  9. criminal justice
    Brock Turner Is Used As the Example for a Rapist in This New TextbookHis picture appears in a criminal justice textbook’s rape section.
  10. failed justice
    What Do We Owe Survivors When Courts Fail Them?It’s rare that we stop to ask survivors what justice looks like to them.
  11. race
    Should Prosecutors Be Told the Race of People They’re Prosecuting?In a new paper, researchers make an intriguing proposal for reducing bias in the justice system.
  12. memory
    It’s Crazy How Easy It Is to Make People Falsely Remember Committing a CrimeAfter three interviews with researchers, 70 percent of study participants were wrongly convinced they’d committed theft or assault during their teen years.